What are AR games on social networks?

Everyone knows about the glow-up or distorting filters on Instagram and Snapchat but today we're going to tell you about augmented reality games that are even more beneficial and effective. 

AR games are augmented reality filters that interact with the user. A simple movement of the head, a blink of the eyes, a raise of the eyebrows can create an action on the filter. This is how games work on Instagram and Snapchat, so you can eat apples, make a character jump over a log or cut fruit in half. So the possibilities are huge and hundreds of games are coming out every day on social networks.

Why offer a game to your community?

For a brand, offering an AR game can boost the engagement of its community. Indeed, a game can become challenging and users will more easily share their video with their score to challenge their friends. Moreover, because of the fun aspect of the filter, the brand can get closer to its community which will be much more present and engaged on the account to like or comment on the publications.

This new form of interactive content allows the user to be up to 20 times more engaged on the account of the brand that offers the game.

The games are 100% customisableIt is therefore very easy for a brand to create a game with its own image and for users to recognise the brand without actually seeing the logo appear on their screen.


Some examples of augmented reality games