5 things to avoid doing when promoting your filter

After mentioning 5 things to do when promoting a filter, here are 5 things not to do when promoting a filter. Certain actions are not recommended and can ruin your entire promotion. communication strategy. In this article, you'll find the simplest actions (or non-actions) to avoid and which will help you to promote your filter successfully. 

1. Do nothing during the promotion

The first thing not to do is to do nothing. An augmented reality filter is a very effective marketing tool for brands, but if it is not communicated, it is useless. 

It's like a company coming out with a new product but not communicating about it and expecting to have good results. Also, there are millions of filters on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. So users need to be guided through the process of discovering the filter in question.


2. Neglecting the quality of communication

When promoting a filter, it is important to take care with the communication so as not to frustrate users. Indeed, if the visuals are not neat or in line with the theme of the filter, it will not attract the curiosity of users. The aim of this communication is to transport the public into the world of the filter and make them want to try the effect. 

Like any communication strategy, the words must be precise, the sentences short and the visuals flashy. Without all this, you can be sure that the promotion of the filter will not be as effective as it could have been.

3. Giving too many instructions

Most of the time, filters created by brands are accompanied by a competition with instructions on how to participate. It is in these instructions that you should not be too greedy. Participants should be asked to meet a maximum of 3 conditions, such as : 

  • share the filter in a story (and mention the brand) 
  • subscribe to the brand account 
  • mention a person

These instructions are very simple but effective for running a successful competition and engaging your community. 

4. Not using all the features of social networks to communicate

Instagram and Snapchat have made many features available on their applications to offer diverse content. On Instagram for example, you can find posts, stories, front page stories and even reels. Not using all channels to communicate on your filter is really a big mistake as you limit your chances to reach a large audience. Indeed, each user has his own habits on social networks, some will prefer to watch mainly stories, others will more easily scroll posts etc... You should not limit yourself to a simple story at the launch of the filter to reach all your audience.

5. Do not interact

When you launch a filter, the primary goal is to encourage your community to use that filter and share it with others. When a filter is popular or a contest is held to promote a filter, many people will share the effect in a story by mentioning you on it. What the user is looking for is a kind of complicity with the brand. They mention it in order to get a response from the brand and feel close to it. So, to encourage users to share their experience in augmented reality, the brand needs to repost them in a story.