Instagram plans to enhance Reels with carousels

Instagram, the photo and video sharing belonging to the Meta group, is said to be about to introduce a revolutionary new feature: carousels in Reels. This update allow users to publish several photos and videos in a single postoffering a whole new dimension to the Reels experience.

A feature in the test phase?

This information, revealed by Radu Oncescu has not yet been officially confirmed by Instagram. It would open interesting prospectsfor brands looking to promote their products creatively on the platform, as well as for influencers who could explore new ways to promote their products. new formats for publishing content.

Currently in test phase with a restricted group of users selected, this functionality merging Reels and carousels would aim to make the News Feed even more engaging and immersive. It is part of a competitive approach with TikTokthe main competitor to Instagram, which has itself strengthened its carousel functionality since 2022.


A retention strategy

This initiative is part of a wider Meta aimed at increasing the amount of time users spend on its platforms, by offering ever more attractive and innovative features. Although the roll-out date for this new function has not yet been confirmed, it is highly likely that it will give rise to a interest from the outsetin view of the growing popularity of Reels on Instagram.

By combining two particularly engaging formats: reels and carousels, Instagram is seeking to offer its users an even more captivating content experiencewhile strengthening its competitive position in the social networking market.