A look back at the announcements from the last Apple Keynote

Apple has just announced the release of its new operating system, IOs 15.4, for Iphone and Ipad. But what are the latest features and products released? We tell you more!

New Apple products

Apple announced during the last Keynote on March 8th the release of the new Iphone SE 3. This iphone is considered as the "affordable" version and will be sold from 529 euros for 64 GB. Equipped with a very powerful chip and a better battery, it will also be compatible with 5G networks. The aim is to offer an affordable iPhone, while remaining powerful and fluid. Concerning the Iphones, Apple also announced the release of an Iphone 13 and 13 Pro in "alpine green" colour available for pre-order. 

The release of a 5th generation Ipad Air was also announced. It has better processing, including the M1 "ultra" chip, an improved camera (12MP) and motion tracking technology. This new, more powerful chip also powers the new Mac Studio for professionals.

Apple announced at the Keynote the release of the new Studio Display, which accompanies the release of the new Mac Studio but is compatible with all Macs in the catalogue. Its magnificent 27-inch, 14.7 million pixel display offers optimal light output and colour coverage.


Apple: new features to help us in our daily lives


New emojis will appear among the palette already available. They will complement the existing ones by giving a more inclusive look. Non-gender emojis have been added, such as a pregnant man. New hand gestures have also been added. In addition, the choice of skin colours for handshakes has been extended: "This is the first time that Apple devices support this type of emoji design in their native emoji set" says Emojipedia.

A very practical feature will be available with IOs 15.4: universal control. Without any configuration, it is possible to use common peripherals (mouse, keyboard) and switch from your Mac to your iPad for example. This is a very practical feature, especially for easily dropping the content you want where we wants.

For the health point, there are various functionalities that facilitate the daily life of users. For the health pass, for example, users simply need to take a photo of their health QR code to add it to Apple Health/Apple Maps. This means you don't have to go through the Tous Anti Covid application. In addition, masks are no longer mandatory, but are still relevant in some places. Thus, one of the latest features announced is the unlocking of one's phone with a mask, especially for the Iphone 12 and 13. This service, which was already possible with the Apple Watch, has been extended to the Iphones. 

On the practical side, it is now possible to add notes to passwords to avoid forgetting them, which unfortunately happens easily.... Just add notes in the password manager for each registered login: easy and very useful!


The latest feature we want to talk about is SharePlay. Literally "shared playback", the new update makes it easier to start SharePlay by integrating a button. Using FaceTime as an example, you used to have to start by calling via FaceTime and then switch to a compatible application to watch the content together. It is now possible to share in real time by directly launching SharePlay from supported applications (Disney, Tik Tok, myCanal...).

What about augmented reality?

Apple is already involved in augmented reality and wishes to develop this axis in the years to come. Thus, the Apple brand focuses its strategy on augmented reality. In particular, it has launched its first ever augmented reality Apple Storeor a VR and AR headset by the end of the year. 

Apple really wants to design its products and software to offer an optimised and unique augmented reality experience. To achieve this, Apple integrates advanced cameras and cameras, screens adapted to be immersed in the world of augmented reality, motion sensors and graphic processes into its products. All of this allows users to enjoy a credible and above all captivating augmented reality experience.

Apple continues to surprise us every day with new features and announcements about augmented reality, and we can't wait to see what's next from the brand!