Apple to launch its first VR and AR headset!

Apple - Augmented reality - virtual reality

If at the beginning some theories predicted the release of glasses, it will be a headset that would be released by the end of the year and more importantly a mixed reality headset. 

Indeed, this headset will not only be a virtual reality headset, it will also allow the possibility to easily switch between virtual and augmented reality, which should give consumers something to look forward to. This hybrid aspect of the headset is likely to be a major asset of the product and will broaden its range of possibilities.   

In addition to being innovative, this headset will be wireless and fully mobile with a high-speed internet connection enabled by the incorporation of 6E wifi.  Apple is reportedly working on projecting augmented and virtual reality onto Sony 4K Micro OLED screens for the most realistic simulation.

This headset will be just as powerful as a Mac. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo tells us that "the high-end processor will have similar computing power to the M1 for Mac". This announcement hardly lets us imagine the many possibilities it will offer us! 

It will have 4 times more sensors than the iPhone. These sensors will allow for efficient and fluid gesture and movement detection.  

The visual of the headset has not yet been revealed, but it is likely that it will be like other Apple devices, recognisable by their elegant design and light weight. Indeed, the headset is expected to weigh between 200 and 500 grams, which totally defies the competition.

Designers are having a field day imagining what this new Apple product might look like. 

Apple - augmented reality - virtual reality - design

design by Antonio De Rosa 

The headset should be compatible with a wide range of applications. However, opinions are still mixed on the usability of the headset. Some agree that the headset can only be used if you already own an iPhone, while others claim that the headset will be able to work independently of a Mac or an iPhone.  

This headset promises to be a real innovation and we can't wait to find out what else Apple is hiding from us about this promising launch. 

Today, augmented reality is part of our daily lives, it has become a real leverage in marketing campaigns.


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