Instagram: effect names appear on posts

Instagram has updated its application and a rather interesting feature has been introduced. Indeed, when a person uses a filter, a small text appears on the photo with the mention "created with an effect" which will allow everyone to know which filter has been used.

Objectives of the new Instagram update

Indeed, the live shows were used a lot by the influencers and especially during the confinements. Subscribers were able to enjoy live entertainment or simply to ask questions to the influencers. During the live stream, the person could invite only one other user to join them. This was a limitation to this feature as the discussions could become short.

One of the benefits of this feature is the improved accessibility of the different filters available on Instagram. If a person wants to find out the name of the filter used, they just have to click on the text "created with an effect" which will bring up a pop-up with the name of the filter and an invitation to try it. This makes it easier to find a filter, which can become very time consuming if we don't know the name.


The limits of Instagram's new feature

However, this feature only applies to filters applied directly to the Instagram. So if someone retouches or uses filters outside Instagram, the application is unable to identify them. As we know, the tools offered by Instagram for retouching or editing a photo are limited, and most users retouch their photo using a tool outside the application, such as SnapseedAdobe Lightroom or Canva. The new Instagram update only allows you to know which filters are available on its application.


The new update is therefore a step forward in terms of the accessibility of Instagram filters, but as no official announcement has been made, we cannot be sure what the objective of this change is. It should also be noted that this option is not available to all users but should be soon.