Meta Quest 3: the new Meta headset twice as powerful

Still in direct competition with Apple, Meta intimidates the market by unveiling its mixed reality headset Meta Quest 3. This is the very first headset to be made available to the general public, with augmented reality functions incorporating full-colour, high-fidelity images.

A reminder of mixed reality

At the crossroads of augmented and virtual reality lies mixed reality, an advanced technology offering users a high degree of precision and a wide range of functionalities. Thanks to its cutting-edge capabilities, mixed reality is able to recognise and take into account the user's real environment, calculate position accurately and in real time, while enabling physical interaction with 3D elements using simple gestures. It is for these reasons that Meta has decided to integrate mixed reality into its Meta Quest 3 headset, offering users a highly immersive experience.


The diversity of the Meta Quest 3 helmet

The headset boasts a host of new features designed to give users the ultimate immersive experience.

Better performance with Pancake lenses

With a view to reducing the size of the helmet and making it more manageable for users, the Quest 3 features Pancake lenses in the same way as the Quest Pro. These lenses reduce the size of the helmet by 40% compared to the Quest 2 without impacting on the resolution screens, apart from the fact that they are much more powerful than other helmets.

touch plus meta quest 3 controllers

The new Touch Plus controllers

The headset's controllers have also been redesigned and improved, with new Touch Plus controllers located halfway between those of the Quest 2 and Quest Pro. Meta has decided to remove the tracking rings, which were previously located around the controllers but are now integrated into the helmet thanks to the tracking sensors. The Quest 3 headset is still compatible with the Touch Pro controllers, but you'll simply have to buy the two products separately.

meta quest 3 sensors

Integrated sensors

The Meta Quest 3 headset has three sensors visible on the front, one of which, called the depth sensor, enables immersive augmented reality experiences of better quality than the Quest Pro. Two other sensors, located on the lower corners, are dedicated to tracking, but the headset has no sensors for tracking eyes or facial expressions.

Get a Meta Quest 3 helmet

The headset boasts a host of new features designed to give users the ultimate immersive experience.

Price list

The first price in France for the Meta Quest 3 is €569.99 for the 128GB version. A second version with more storage space will be unveiled shortly. In relation to the headset Apple Reality ProThe price Meta is offering is far more attractive to the general public. The brand's lower-end models, meanwhile, will see a price cut, notably the Quest 2, which will be offered at €349.99 for the 128GB version.

The regulations

Like the Quest 2, Meta's new helmet is not recommended for use by under-13s and is banned for any other use that is illegal or endangers the lives of others.