From AR glasses will be marketed in the UK by a Chinese start-up

The Chinese start-up Nreal will market its AR glasses in the UK which are specially designed for high quality display.

Nreal Light AR glasses are growing fast


It is not only the large groups that invest in augmented reality and AR glasses. This is the case of Nreal, which has accepted the challenge of offering very good quality glasses, even before many competitors. To do this, it chose the Internet service provider EE as its distributor in order to reach a maximum number of people and above all to take advantage of 5G, which significantly improves the performance of AR glasses. The Nreal Light glasses already marketed in Korea have been a great success on the Korean market and this is why its expansion on the European market is planned. The young start-up explains that today, users of Nreal Light AR glasses spend 49 minutes a day using them.

The primary feature of the glasses is that they allow users to watch movies and series as well as play video games outside their home. In addition to this, the smartphone can be plugged into the glasses for direct screen sharing without having to be connected to 5G.


A very promising data sheet

The image will be displayed on a 130-inch virtual screen 3 metres from the user. The display can also be done in IMAX, i.e. in 201 inches and 6 metres from the person for maximum comfort.

Finally, in order to ensure good image quality, NReal has provided lenses with 2 OLED screens.

A second mode is also available, MR Space. This mode allows screens to be projected into the user's environment. The MR Space will be able to display applications that allow the AR glasses wearer to navigate different screens at the same time.

The Nreal co-founder has not yet announced a release date for the AR glasses but said that augmented reality "will soon undergo a revolutionary transformation, just as the internet did back in the day" and added that " AR will transcend the current mobile experience, including watching videos, exercising and playing PC games or through cloud-gaming. " 

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Another edition of the Nreal glasses available for companies

In addition to this, the start-up has decided to offer an edition for companies that recognise gestures and have eye control technology. Its format will be different but allows for the integration of specific software to meet the demand of companies. For the moment, the software planned is few but Nreal explained that it is working with partners to create independent software in order to develop the offer and thus convince companies to buy the Nreal AR glasses.

The AR glasses market is growing

Brands have been investing in this market for a few years now, but for the moment no AR glasses are good enough or are still in development.

Only Snapchat has marketed the Spectacles, but they only allow you to project Snapchat filters and film for a few minutes. Indeed, due to the small size of the space to store the microprocessor, it is very difficult for the moment to produce light and powerful AR glasses.

At the moment, glasses are being marketed but they are aimed at companies to improve the efficiency of employees through augmented reality. The coming years will be decisive for companies that have invested in this market and there are big surprises ahead.