New advertising formats on YouTube

As part of its ongoing expansion drive, the YouTube video platform is launching new advertising formats. The aim of these innovations is to attract new brands and offer Internet users a new sales experience.

Google Ads text ads extend to YouTube

After being bought out by Google in 2006, YouTube has the wind in its sails and is going from strength to strength. Its first advertising innovations hit the market a few years ago, with the incorporation of large-format text ads (ETAs).

Walkie Talkie2-min

This type of advert works by means of Google queries made by Internet users. Relevant keywords are selected, analysed and then displayed on the Internet user's YouTube account in the form of an advert. In this way, users will be shown targeted ads based on their previous Google searches. These ads are paid for by brands and work in the same way as sponsored sites on Google.


YouTube's two new advertising formats

AR Beauty try-On

Combining beauty and augmented reality, this new advertising format allows the public to try out products while a YouTuber promotes them in a video. Borrowing from the virtual fitting filters available on social networks, the AR Beauty try-On model uses the front camera of the user's smartphone to make an augmented reality layer appear on YouTube. Users can then try out different products on themselves without having to visit a shop.

ar beauty try on - new advertising formats

Already tested by the cosmetics brand Mac, the initial trials have been conclusive, considerably increasing the rate of customer engagement with the brand. Thanks to the Shop located at the bottom of the virtual fitting, Internet users are taken directly to the site to make their purchases.

Swirl: YouTube's first immersive format

The aim of this type of advertising is to offer advertisers more possibilities and to display more interactive content to web users. Using 3D modelling, users can discover the product from every angle by zooming in, rotating or even breaking down the object. 

new advertising formats - New Balance

New Balance was the first brand to test the YouTube format. It was able to showcase its new Fresh Foam 1080 running model to a very satisfied audience. Swirl could then be developed to offer even more possibilities, although for the moment it is reserved for a limited number of advertisers.