An Instagram filter for an event can offer benefits for brands and businesses. Throughout this article, we will develop several reasons to better understand the benefits of creating an Instagram filter for events.

Instagram Filters: Definition

Instagram filters are very popular content for users of this social network. But before we continue, let's go over the definition of these. An Instagram filter allows the superimposition of virtual elements (in 2D and 3D) in your real environment from your camera in the application. These effects are applied before you even record a video or capture a photo. Instagram filters should not be confused with other content that you can add to the video or photo. The effects come in different forms and allow you to boost the content of the creators quickly. It is also an added value for brands that can meet various objectives, especially for events.

Create an Instagram filter for an original and immersive event

During an event, it is important for the organisers to create an original and immersive experience in order to leave a mark on the participants' minds. Indeed, in order to project a qualitative and positive image, brands must constantly imagine events that are increasingly breathtaking.

More and more events are accompanied by an Instagram filter as these allow for immersive experiences. Indeed, augmented reality is a new technology that has already proven its benefits in creating qualitative and immersive experiences. Instagram filters can be 100% customised and activate thousands of possibilities according to the brand's desire. Thus, it is very easy to propose to the participants an objective that can be reached thanks to the effect (treasure hunt, virtual environment that adds dynamism to the atmosphere of the event).

Instagram filters for an event are unforgettable

During the event, when a user makes a video or a photo with the filter, he will be able to publish it directly in a story or save it in his gallery. Thus, once the event is over, he will keep a trace of this experience on his phone and will be able to see the video again and feel the same emotions. Thus, the immersive experience that the participant will have lived will leave positive memories of this event and he will be more easily tempted to come back to the next events.

Instagram filters create UGC

The ultimate goal of a marketing strategy is UGC (User Generated Content). Indeed, UGC is the fact that consumers themselves share content from the brand for free. For example, a subscriber who shares the latest post of his favourite brand in a story is exactly UGC. He is a kind of brand ambassador and becomes the messenger of your brand without having to go through influencers. An Instagram filter for an event creates exactly UGC because by using the effect and sharing it in a story, it promotes your event for free.

As you can see from these 3 ideas, using an Instagram filter for an event makes it easier to achieve marketing and communication objectives. You too can create your own Instagram filter for your brand!