NBA application : the new digital experience for playing in the NBA

Description of the new digital experience in the NBA application

17 February, the NBA has communicated about the release of a new feature in its NBA application. This will allow users to take the place of a player during a streaming game and play in their place. 

This feat is made possible by a high-tech scan that will scan a person from head to toe to create a 3D avatar. Once the avatar has been created in the NBA application, the user can then choose from a list of all the players to play as.


Then it's time for the magic to happen. The user chooses a game to stream in which he wants to play and the NBA app will then replace the player with the user's avatar. The video starts and he will be able to record the video of his avatar performing an incredible action for example. The rendering is very realistic and precise as shown in this two-minute video.

Currently, the NBA has not yet announced a release date for this feature on the NBA app and they are still very unclear on the technologies used.

The benefits of this feature in the NBA application

This digital experience has a huge potential for the fans but also for the NBA. Here are 4 benefits that this feature will bring.

The first benefit is more for the fans but will have a positive impact on the NBA's brand image.

Indeed, this experience between gaming and streaming gives the fans the possibility to live the dream of playing an NBA game virtually. Thus, a positive experience will remain in the user's memory and thus judge the brand positively.

The second benefit goes directly to the NBA, which can createUGC with viral content. Indeed, users can parody key moments of the game and share this on social networks. UGC is maximised with this experience on the NBA app: fans will easily broadcast videos of themselves participating in the game. So they become brand ambassadors organically.

Thirdly, by offering such a quality experience on the NBA app, the most curious will download and register en masse on the app. The NBA will therefore increase the number of downloads of the app and will be able to collect specific and accurate data on users (and therefore NBA fans).

Finally, by offering this feature, the NBA can continue to grow their community by offering interactive content and with new technologies to keep up with new social media trends. This helps to fuel the passion of basketball for the fans and convert new fans.