Dubai wants to become the capital of the metaverse with its new strategy

Dubai has launched its strategy to develop the metaverse and become the central economy of this new technology. With 40,000 jobs created and the creation of infrastructures planned, Dubai is clearly showing its desire to become the capital of the metaverse!

Dubai's presence in the web 3


The Crown Prince of Dubai wants to invest in web 3 and in particular the metaverse with its new development project. The objective is clear: the country must become one of the top 10 metaverse economies in the world, and even become its capital. To achieve this ambitious project, the country plans to create 40,000 virtual jobs around the metaverse and its activities. To participate in the active development of this new economy, Dubai plans to build infrastructures and bring in more than 1,000 companies established in the blockchain. This new strategy, based on the metaverse, could bring more than 4 billion dollars to the country and thus actively participate in the development of its economy by 2030.

Developing the country's economy

In order to participate in the development of the country, its economy and its worldwide reputation, Dubai is investing in new technologies. Its objective is clear: to become one of the world's giants in new technologies through the web 3The metaverse to artificial intelligence. The UAE Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence and the Digital Economy says "providing innovative solutions, making a positive impact on people's lives and transforming the city into one of the smartest centres in the world, offering new economic opportunities". Their ambitions are therefore clear: they want to become project leaders in the metaverse in order to take their place in this new world of web 3 while boosting their economy with ambitious projects. With already more than a thousand companies working in the metaverse and blockchain, these new technologies already represent 500 million dollars of the local economy, a figure that should continue to climb with this metaverse strategy.

Technology at the centre

The Dubai Metaverse Strategy aims to boost the country's digital economy and to position itself as a leader in this new digital sphere. Beyond this economic aspect, this strategy also aims to invest in various sectors such as retail, tourism, health, teleworking and education. By putting these new technologies at the centre of their strategy, the country wishes to support the adoption of these technologies. From augmented reality, virtual reality and the use of machines with artificial intelligence, Dubai is betting on new technologies to continue its digital development and be among the leaders. Witness to this digital transition, companies are already present in the metaverse such as Emirates Airline or the real estate developer DAMAC which wants to create a digital city. 

Dubai is therefore continuing to develop and invest in new technologies. With the desire to become the capital of the metaverse, the country is developing its strategy little by little thanks to the creation of jobs and infrastructures. We are already looking forward to seeing Dubai's next announcements as part of its metaverse strategy.


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