Integrate a Snapchat filter into a marketing campaign

Since the pandemic, e-commerce has taken a completely different turn and consumers have seen their consumption habits change. Thus brands in turn need to accelerate their improvement of the buying journey to ensure increasing conversion in the face of the tough competition on the internet. One of the levers that is getting a lot of attention is the filter in reality enhanced available on all social networks. Indeed, this new technology allows many things and is an advantage for brands.

Snapchat recently published figures on the effectiveness of a Snapchat filter in a marketing campaign of the brands that we will develop in this article.

Snapchat filter: augmented reality at the heart of Snapchat's strategy

Snapchat filters, also known as "lenses", have been present on the application for many years and are constantly evolving to offer an ever more qualitative experience for users. Indeed, more than 75% of users send photos and videos with Snapchat filters every day according to the social network. Recently, a new feature has appeared, the Shoppable AR, which transforms e-commerce on the social network. This feature allows you to showcase your product with try-on or other types of lens and add a call to action to buy the brand's product directly. In addition to this, it is also possible to sponsor this Snapchat lens to increase its visibility rate.


graphic showing the effectiveness of a Snapchat filter in a marketing campaign

Shoppable AR, a proven feature

According to Snapchat, a campaign incorporating a Snapchat filter that promotes a product has 2 times more likely to generate an increase in purchase intention compared to traditional content. This is explained by the characteristics of the immersive experience that stimulate parts of the brain that are quite difficult to reach with a basic campaign.

In this study, Snapchat wanted to analyse the impact of a Snapchat filter in a campaign that did or did not include ads. They conducted this experiment on 10 different campaigns.

What we can remember is that most of the time, a user has to come across two normal ads before getting a conversion. But, when a Lens is integrated into the campaign, seeing a single ad is enough to trigger the conversion in addition to the Snapchat filter. Finally, the unique sponsorship of your Snapchat filter enables conversion without adding ads to your campaign.

graphic showing the effectiveness of a Snapchat filter in a marketing campaign

The difficulty of analysing the performance of a Snapchat filter in a marketing campaign

Although the KPIs of Snapchat filters are very precise, it is very difficult to prove their effectiveness when they are integrated in a marketing campaign. This is because, the data is quite different from other more traditional content and it is therefore difficult to compare their effectiveness. However, Snapchat is keen to explain that lenses have a strong impact when integrated into a marketing campaign. Indeed, according to them, lenses are credited with 45% of the conversions Even if they are not the last touch points before purchase. They also explain that ads are only credited with 16% when a Snapchat filter is included in the campaign according to their 2020 quarterly report.

In conclusion, the creation of a Snapchat filter to promote a product is a lever not to be neglected. In addition to this Snapchat study, lenses also bring a lot of benefits for a brand and allow to reach a younger target that is inaccessible on other social networks. A Snapchat filter also responds to the objectives brand awareness and brand visibility among Snapchat users.

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