Kiabi's Snapchat filters: an innovative shopping experience

Kiabi, an iconic brand in the ready-to-wear world, has recently transcended the conventional boundaries of customer experience by partnering with Snapchat to launch innovative filters. This initiative marks a revolutionary step, as Kiabi is embarking on virtual fitting experiences for parents and their children for the first time.

Kiabi's Snapchat filters reinvent the fitting experience

kiabi snapchat filters for trying on clothes

On the eve of the back-to-school season, a crucial time for clothes shopping, Kiabi and Snapchat have unveiled a series of Snapchat filters by Kiabi, allowing children to virtually try on the brand's bomber jackets. Thanks to augmented realityFamilies could view the garments from every angle, exploring the six colours available before making an informed choice.

The collaboration was a resounding success, with over 9.5 million uses and 1.5 million people reached. It not only strengthened affinity with the brand, but also boosted sales during this crucial period.


Augmented reality for retail

Pauline Fournier, Social Media Manager at Kiabi, highlights the transformational impact of this initiative. Augmented reality is no longer seen as a technological gadget, but is emerging as a powerful tool for boosting sales and enriching the customer experience.

Kiabi's Snapchat filters are just one of the many try-on filters available on the social network. The try-on is a filter category that allows users to try on clothes, accessories and make-up directly on themselves using augmented reality. In addition to this, Snapchat launched a "Shopping AR" feature over a year ago, which allows users to view a catalogue of branded products to try on in try-on mode, encouraging them to buy directly from the brand's website.

Aissatou Diallo, Head of Retail at Snap Inc, shares this enthusiasm, noting how augmented reality meets the needs of Snapchatters by offering tangible added value. Kiabi's Snapchat filters are a perfect example of this synergy, combining entertainment and practicality.

Kiabi's Snapchat filters: A targeted strategy for maximum impact

The success of this campaign is also attributable to Jellyfish's expertise in targeted filter distribution. By leveraging in-depth knowledge of the Snapchat platform, Jellyfish optimised reach and engagement, ensuring extensive coverage and positively influencing purchase decisions.

The collaboration between Kiabi and Snapchat symbolises a convergence between fashion and technology, where innovation and creativity redefine the shopping experience. Kiabi's Snapchat filters are not only a technological triumph but also a testament to the brand's ability to innovate, adapt and respond to changing consumer expectations in a rapidly evolving digital world.

As we reflect on the impact and implications of this initiative, three key questions emerge: How will augmented reality continue to transform the shopping experience? Which other brands will follow Kiabi's innovative lead? And how will consumers react to the rapid evolution of technology in the retail space?