Top 5 Snapchat filters for 4 July, Independence Day in the USA

National Day in the United States, also known as Independence Day, is celebrated across the country every 4 July. With the popularity of filters on SnapchatNow you can share this festive day on your social networks in an original way. Check out the TOP 5 best Snapchat filters for the US bank holidays on 4 July.

1. Snapchat filter: 4TH OF JULY

Directed by Anastassiya MarchenkoThis Snapchat filter features a 3D hat in the colours of the American flag. What's more, the fabrics and elements follow the movement of the head, making this filter even more realistic.

2. The Snapchat filter: Miller Lite

Brought to you by beer brand Miller Lite, this Snapchat filter transforms the user into the official mascot of the 4th of July celebrations.


3. Snapchat filter: Happy July 4th

With the integration of a silver 3D hat, glitter and earring, this Snapchat filter is perfect for those who want to celebrate the US National Day in style. The filter was created by Holliday Horton and allows you to use a dynamic filter to send to friends.

4. Snapchat filter: Lens 4th of july

This Snapchat filter, created by Treasure, consists of a 3D hat in the colours of the American flag and a paper windmill that comes to life when the user blows on it. What's more, the windmill is integrated using hand tracking to recognise hand movements.

5. Snapchat filter: Lens Uber Eats | 4th of July | US

Uber Eats also wanted to create a Snapchat filter for the bank holidays. This filter allows you to wear glasses and fireworks reminiscent of the 4th of July appear behind the user.