Discover Meta's digital shop to dress your avatar in the metaverse

Meta is anchored in the metaverse and is gradually developing its presence in this shared virtual universe. Evolving with an avatar, Internet users can personalise it and dress it up according to their tastes. Discover this new feature offered by Meta! 

Customise your avatar


Meta has announced the arrival of unique virtual clothes to dress up your avatar. These pieces will be available in the Meta Avatars Store. With Prada, Balenciaga, Thom Browne and more brands to come, users will be able to dress their character on social networks and in augmented/virtual reality environments.

With the increasing use of digital, social networks and new emerging virtual worlds, it has become common for internet users to have an avatar, which is the representation of their user online. Internet users want to personalise their 3D avatar to distinguish themselves and have a representation that is true to their tastes. 

Fortnite, Roblox and many others are popular platforms that merge the border between the real and virtual worlds. The aim is to offer unique and optimal immersive experiences for Internet users. To accompany these new features and the development of this virtual world, Meta's digital shop on Instagram, Facebook and Messenger will allow users to buy clothes for their avatar. Some items will also be available for free to meet everyone's needs. 


The metaverse, a project in development

With many projects in development, the metaverse is currently a technology increasingly used by brands. The aim is to offer unique experiences to users who are fond of new technologies. The group therefore wishes to highlight the metaverse by linking it with AR and VR, "Virtual reality and Quest are key elements of our vision of the metaverse, but we see the metaverse as an interconnected digital world, linking virtual reality and augmented reality, in addition to more familiar platforms like your phone and computer. Deploying avatars on our platforms is a first step towards achieving this goal." said the group. With currently Horizon Worlds as the main VR platform, Meta wants to continue its development by offering new services.

The sale of these digital items should therefore enable the group to make profits from the metaverse, particularly via its Horizon Worlds platform. Indeed, sales of virtual assets should be tested with a commission of 47.5 % taken by the group when a sale is made. Thus, beyond the desire to be a constantly evolving and innovative group, Meta also wants to take advantage of these new technologies from a financial point of view.

Meta's new digital shop project allows the group to continue its momentum and also to compete with players already offering this service such as Gucci or Nike for example.