Gastronomy is also using augmented reality!

What if augmented reality revolutionised gastronomy? Many restaurant brands are reinventing themselves and innovating thanks to this booming new technology.

Augmented reality filters make their way into gastronomy

At the Office: events to highlight

Part pub, part brasserie and part restaurant, Au Bureau offers its customers events all year round, transporting them into a festive and authentic atmosphere. To promote its events, the restaurant chain called on our agency to design augmented reality filters for its social networks.

Among the filters, two were designed to improve the brand awareness filter: the Carnival filter and the Back To The 20's filter. A third augmented reality filter highlighted the music festival organised by Au Bureau. The first featured a disco ball, the second showed the user with a microphone in front of him or her, while the third focused on a darker setting to reflect the evening's festive atmosphere. All the filters were available by scanning a QR Code on the restaurant menu for customers to use at any time and share on social networks.


Starbucks' must-have drinks

The American chain Starbucks offered its customers home delivery of drinks in collaboration with Deliveroo. To highlight this new possibility, Starbucks called on Filtrer Maker to design this augmented reality filter. Using the filter, users could see the brand's products scroll across the screen with the corresponding name.

McDonald's roller filter

As part of an internal communications campaign, McDonald's wanted an augmented reality roulette filter. The aim was to highlight team spirit and goodwill within McDonald's. Employees and customers alike could use this filter, which displayed a tray above the user's head with the question "What's in it for me?Who is the most ...". Answers then appeared on the screen such as Lazy, Joker, Strong, Serious, kind... 

Gastronomy menus in augmented reality

Do you ever find yourself looking at a restaurant menu and not knowing what all the dishes look like? Thanks to applications developed by restaurant brands, customers will be able to view the dishes on the menu in augmented reality. The principle is simple: the restaurant provides the customer with a tablet on which the augmented reality application is integrated. This is made possible by photogrammetry, which involves taking several photos of a dish from different angles to create a 3D model. It is also possible to zoom in to take a more detailed look at the entire composition of the dish and display a list for greater precision (allergies, intolerances, price, etc.). This makes it easier for customers to understand and choose the dish that appeals most to them.