How can I advertise products on Snapchat?

Social networks have become important springboards for promoting products, particularly Snapchat, which offers a number of tools for advertising products. What's more, according to INSEE, in 2021, 82.7% of young people aged between 15 and 29 have already bought something on the internet in the last 12 months. This figure clearly shows that e-commerce is essential for any brand wishing to grow. Here's a guide to help you create a product advertising campaign on Snapchat.

Product advertising: Definition

Product advertising brings together all the levers used to promote and create awareness of a specific product among your defined target audience. Product advertising can be carried out via all communication channels, including word of mouth, digital channels (social networks, website, etc.), the press and audiovisual media.

Product advertising: The different objectives

Product advertising is divided into 3 categories to achieve different objectives:

  • Comparative advertising : is highlighting the specific features and functions of your product by comparing it to other brands. The aim is to help consumers make the decision to buy by providing useful and informed information.
  • Competitive advertising : is the act of creating demand by highlighting the qualities of your product that competitors' products do not have. The aim is to convince consumers that your product is better than others.
  • Pioneering advertising: is the creation of an initial demand that consumers did not have before. The aim here is to increase awareness of your product in order to create value that does not depend on the product's functionality.

The different life cycles for which product advertising is effective

Product advertising can be activated for many phases of your products. It can be used for :

  • Launching a new product
  • Rebranding an existing product
  • Promoting a valuable or seasonal product
  • Boosting products that were in decline
  • Improve the image and awareness of your product
  • Launching a product on a new market

Once you have defined the phase your product is in, all that remains is to define the focus and develop the advertising campaign. To do this, you need to establish your target audience and the channels you want to use to disseminate your product advertising.


What are the advantages of product advertising on Snapchat?

Snapchat offers 5 advantages:

  • A wide audience: Snap has no fewer than 347 million daily active users, and is the platform that massively appeals to the younger generation (who are unreachable via other channels). 
  • Relevant and achievable objectives: Snapchat makes it possible to precisely target users who might be interested in your product. Users can be targeted according to demographic categories, interests, behaviour and location.
  • Precise statistics: Once your campaign has been launched, you can analyse the results and look at the key KPIs to see whether your product advertising is a success.
  • Dynamic creations : Snapchat gives you the option of changing and modifying your product ads live in order to correct errors or adapt the campaign even further to user behaviour.
  • Different advertising formats: Snapchat offers brands different types of product advertising to meet the objectives of each brand.

Choosing the right format for your product ad on Snapchat

There are 5 advertising formats on Snapchat, all of which can be used to advertise products:

product advertising format on snapchat: single image or video

Single Image or Video

This is the simplest format, but the one most used by brands, as it offers several advantages. Single Image or Video ads are broadcast full-screen between the stories of users, creators and publishers, and so on. Single Image or Video advertising, being broadcast full-screen, enables users' attention to be captured quickly and does not compete with other content. It is also possible to add a call to action to encourage the audience to take an action (go to the site, buy a product, etc.).

Filters and lenses

Filters and lenses make it possible to offer content that is truly different from other advertising formats.

Snapchat filters allow graphic elements to be superimposed on photos and videos, and can therefore be added to photos that users send in conversation with their friends. The added value of the filters is that the brand can choose the locations (neighbourhoods, towns, shops, etc.) in which the filter can be used. In this way, the advertising is highly targeted and makes it possible to offer qualitative content that is relevant to users.

Lenses are Snapchat filters that allow users to interact with brand content in a fun, non-intrusive way. They offer relevant and compelling immersive experiences that increase conversion rates exponentially. What's more, augmented reality is used massively by users, and Snapchat has introduced various types of filter to advertise products, including Try-on.

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Story Ads

The Story Ads are advertising content that appears in the "Discover" tab of the application. This advertising format makes it possible to publish a collection of images or videos in succession to convey a clear and precise message. In this way, brands can present a series of products in a light, consumable way without becoming too intrusive, since it is the user who decides to discover the content.

Product catalogue advertising

This format is designed exclusively for product advertising, as it allows you to create a virtual catalogue with product videos or images. It can contain 4 different products with 4 different links to encourage users to visit the product page on your site.


Commercials are ads in the form of mini videos that appear between stories. This content cannot be ignored for 6 seconds and can last up to 3 minutes. Users can choose to continue watching the video or move on to another story. This format is also the least suitable for product advertising, but it does help to create a degree of engagement with the target audience.

All these formats are suitable for advertising products. However, depending on your objective and the life-cycle phase of your product, you will need to choose a format that meets your specifications.

Once you've chosen the format, all that's left to do is create your content and distribute your product advertising according to your chosen target and objectives.