What are the trends in GenZ in terms of AR?

For some time now, Snapchat has been publishing numerous studies on the importance of augmented reality for brands. It wants to prove that this technology is an advantage for businesses and is very popular with the new generations, also known as GenZ. The new study was conducted in several countries with 19,000 users of the platform. 

With Snapchat being so widely used by younger people, it is important to understand that GenZ are the consumers of tomorrow. So, to connect with this generation, brands need to understand the very different values and ambitions of older generations.

Values shared by most of the GenZ

Without a doubt, the most important value in this study is to have fun. Although this may sound reductive, it is important to understand that this generation wants to interact with others in a fun and less conventional way.

However, even if entertainment is at the top of the list, values such as well-being and fulfilment are very present among GenZ. 

Finally, friendships are also very important and a large part of this generation makes them a priority.

A trend towards more visual communication

Another important point to note is the tendency to prefer visual communication to talk with others. This type of communication is at the heart of Snapchat usage as Snapchatters can send photos with text to communicate. 

95% of GenZ are used to using visual communication when talking to their friends. In addition, for 2 out of 3 people, visual communication creates a better connection between people.

Augmented reality shopping is popular with GenZ

Generation Z was born in the digital age and is not afraid of new technologies. In fact, young people are increasingly keen on the new immersive experiences they can have. The ability to try-on Snapchat offers them a new experience that has won them over. Indeed, 93% of Snapchatters are interested in using augmented reality for shopping. In the study conducted by Snapchat, 4 reasons justify their desire to use AR Shopping:

  • To identify the size and style of a product that fits them
  • To have a faster online shopping process
  • For a more fun experience
  • To ask their friends and family for their opinion and advice


A real connection with brands is fostered by GenZ


It is no longer the time for basic communication for brands. Indeed, the values of the GenZ are forcing brands to change their communication strategy to get closer to them. For a long time now, it has not been enough to communicate about a product in order to get it bought. The brand must build a relationship of trust with consumers to achieve its objectives. 

Thus, 1 in 2 young people think it is important for brands to build a connection with them.

On Snapchat, the GenZ is very creative, so companies need to offer innovative and immersive content. For example, Snapchat filters are very appreciated by users who use them very often. For them, it is a very good way to communicate with brands and they feel closer to them.

Indeed, a Snapchat filter allows for original and less intrusive content than other traditional content. This makes the experience more immersive for users, who are more easily engaged and share the content with a wider audience.