Giftshop: Snapchat's new try-on filter for trying on clothes

Since the pandemic, e-commerce has become even more iconic and indispensable for everyone. Social networks have been quick to recognise that e-commerce is a market not to be missed. Instagram and Facebook have both proposed solutions to enable brands to display their products on their accounts. But Snapchat is not far behind, focusing its strategy on augmented reality to convert users with the try-on filter.

The new try-on filter from Snapchat Giftshop

Recently, a new Snapchat filter has appeared on the application. This Lens is unlike any other as it allows you to virtually try on clothes and accessories. So you can try on a jumper or a t-shirt with your camera and voice control is also available to save you having to walk back and forth to your smartphone. This filter offers products from different brands as a catalogue to show the effectiveness of its technology and perhaps introduce users to the future immersive catalogue.


Of course, this try-on filter from Snapchat is not perfect yet and we can notice some dimensional and tracking issues since every phone is not yet well equipped to offer a fully immersive experience. Moreover, augmented reality is a growing technology and it is not yet well developed which does not allow to propose a perfect filter.


The try-on filter, the future of Snapchat

This new try-on filter is not Snapchat's first attempt. Indeed, the little ghost has already collaborated with Prada and Farfetch to try out their new products directly on the application. The user could navigate between the different products with the movement of the hand to provide a qualitative experience.

Although the try-on on Snapchat only tracks the face and upper body, it is possible that in the next few years the try-on will be full body. Snapchat recently acquired FitAnalytics, a company that works on digital dimensional analysis to match products and collect data to suggest products to users based on their preferences.


All this suggests that Snapchat is keen to develop an e-commerce space on the social network to dominate this market and make its application attractive to consumers and brands alike. Indeed, the augmented reality try-on has proven that its use allowsincrease the conversion rate since trying on products reduces the doubts and disincentives that users have when buying on the internet.