4 Snapchat filter ideas for your marketing campaigns and strategies

The Snapchat filters are used on a daily basis by users of the platform, proving the engagement with this type of content. Generally speaking, augmented reality makes it possible to create unique and customisable immersive experiences that Snapchat users appreciate. This is why brands can take advantage of Snapchat filters by offering an experience that reflects the brand and its products. But first of all, you need to know what types of Snapchat filters to create in order to ensure their success and use. That's why in this article you'll find 4 ideas for Snapchat filters for your marketing campaigns.

Snapchat's 1st filter idea: allow users to be entertained, educated and inspired

Most Snapchat users use filters to have fun, entertain their friends and/or communities, get inspired and learn new things. This aspect of filters is very important to know in order to offer filters that are engaging and used. Brands can create a striking and positive Snapchat filter that allows users to have fun in a playful way. By doing this, Snapchatters will experience a positive and jovial moment that will stay in their minds for a long time.


2nd idea: give people the opportunity to express themselves and share their feelings and allegiances

New generations have learnt to share on social networks what they're feeling and why they're fighting. That's why creating a filter that allows them to do this will be very popular with snapchatters. For example, during a global sporting event, creating a filter in the colour of a country can work very well. What's more, a filter that highlights the values and struggles of the younger generation will enable the brand to get closer to them by supporting the same causes (the fight against global warming, social inequality, etc.). However, it is very important that these issues are really important to the brand, because transparency is very important and the opposite could create a backlash.

3rd idea: Allow users to try out the brand's products

Being able to see and try out products in 3D using Snapchat filters is called the try-on. This feature makes products available for sale virtually accessible, enabling users to view products without leaving their homes. It is also possible to add a call to action directly in the filter to redirect people to the product sheet on the website. The try-on is a highly effective tool for encouraging purchases from social networks, and its immersive, technological aspect makes the experience much more fun for consumers.

4th Snapchat filter idea: immerse the user in a virtual world

Snapchat users like to have experiences that take them to a world other than the real world. Augmented reality makes it possible to do just that, creating a different and unique world through Snapchat's camera. Snapchatters can discover an inspiring world as they walk around their living room. This totally immersive experience allows people to experience something magical and will have a positive impact on their opinion of the brand offering it. For example, a brand can create a specific universe to share the message and atmosphere of a new product or range.