Augmented reality preserves our environment

Today's climate and environmental challenges are driving us to innovate and find sustainable solutions. And what better way than with new technologies? By combining augmented reality and environmental protection, we can create innovative solutions that will last over time.

Little extras for the environment

Avoiding construction errors

Construction errors are common and have a major impact on the environment. To limit the negative impact, solutions are being proposed to make building sites cleaner. One of these solutions is augmented reality. By superimposing 3D and 2D elements on the real environment, it enables architects, builders and construction workers to avoid construction errors. This makes it easier : 

  • anticipate problems by improving the quality of the project and the materials chosen
  • offer a more precise vision of the project by offering augmented reality to builders on site
  • carry out simulations in the field to visualise possible mistakes to be avoided 

It's also important to note that augmented reality allows you to visualise the location of a future building, so if the slightest error is detected it can be rectified before construction. This not only saves time on the building site, but also makes considerable savings.

Limits unnecessary travel

What could be better than seeing a product at home without having to go to the shop? This is made possible by 3D visualization in augmented reality. Many brands are making use of this technology, working with specialist agencies such as Filter Maker.

Every year, Castorama contacts our agency to create augmented reality filters that allow users to preview a product at home. Practical and easy to use, Castorama customers no longer need to go back and forth between the shop and their home to find out whether a wardrobe would be suitable for a bedroom.

With this feature, customers avoid unnecessary journeys and help to reduce pollution and greenhouse gases. Previews are also used in other sectors, such as clothing, cosmetics and eyewear.


Raising awareness of environmental risks

Warn about the environmental pollution that surrounds us

When it comes to pollution, it's impossible to see the fine particles around us with the naked eye, so it's hard to appreciate the damage they do to the environment. But the famous New York Times has developed a way of visualising pollution in cities using augmented reality. Called "See How the World's Most Polluted Air Compares With Your City's", this feature is available in any city using geolocation.

It's a good way of making a particularly worrying problem visible, with the aim of informing, raising awareness and making people more responsible.

Protecting endangered species and raising environmental awareness

Technology is also being used to protect endangered species. The Sea Shepherd association has called on the Resn studio to launch an augmented reality application called "Sea Shepherd".Bellow The Surface". When the application is launched, a planet appears in front of the user. By zooming in on it, a 360-degree environment is then displayed on the screen, revealing a gruesome scene of a dolphin caught in the meshes of a net, while others are washed up by a fishing boat. As well as raising awareness, this technology also helps to protect species and the environment.