University of Tokyo proposes metaverse training for late 2022


Web 3.0 is developing and offering new perspectives with NFT, metaverse or cryptocurrencies. Present in many sectors such as work, health, e-commerce, social networks... The metaverse appears as a new ideal universe offering many possibilities. Tokyo has notably seized this opportunity to develop the educational and pedagogical dimension of this technology, we tell you more!

An integration of the metaverse at the University of Tokyo

The objective of this training, available at the end of 2022, is to make the metaverseThis virtual world, which is still abstract for many, to a wide audience. Thus, a distance learning course on the metaverse will be integrated into University of Tokyo (Todai). It is intended for students, but also for people already in the labour market. It is a very interesting introductory subject for students wishing to discover information sciences, artificial intelligence and in general the new technologies of web 3 related to it. The objective is to put forward the metaverse, from discovery to practice. At the end of this training, a certificate will be delivered, a way to justify one's knowledge of the subject and one's skills. In view of the rapid evolution of technology, it becomes necessary and important to train in order to prepare for future jobs. 

Responding to new needs

But then why set up this kind of project? Needs and expectations are changing, so it is necessary to have qualified people to transmit these specific skills and knowledge. Setting up this kind of programme is the way to have qualified people on the market in order to respond to the new needs and evolution of technologies. Beyond this educational aspect, there is also a challenge of democratising the environment to make the technological environment, in this case the metaverse, accessible to everyone," says Mr. G. K. K.The use of the metaverse would create an educational system in which anyone, regardless of age, gender, social status and location, could learn about engineering and information science. said the university. 

New development possibilities are therefore opening up, particularly for training in the metaverse. By training in the use of these virtual worlds, new projects can emerge thanks to people qualified in the field.