Augmented reality effects available on Clips

Clips is Apple's video creation application. Despite its low usage rate, Apple continues to improve the application. This time, augmented reality has been integrated into Clips to offer a wide range of immersive effects.

New features available with LiDAR


However, AR effects will only be available on the Iphone 12 Pro and Ipad Pro. These are currently the only smartphones and tablets that have the new LiDAR technology.

At the moment the application only offers 7 AR effects such as light shows or falling confetti. Thanks to LiDAR, all these effects are of very good quality and can adapt very well to the environment. Apple promises to increase the content of the application with filters, stickers and posters every month. With this promise, the American giant proves its desire to stay in the race of the heavily used video creation applications.


Apple, a giant that is very fond of augmented reality

Apple knows that augmented reality is becoming a much needed technology for everyone. Both in marketing and for consumers, AR is very useful and is becoming more and more widely used by everyone.

This is why this American giant develops many features and is improving its products for augmented reality. For example, they are the first and so far only company to have integrated LiDAR into the new Iphone 12 Pro and Ipad Pro to enhance the AR experience. The integration of augmented reality effects in its Clips application is also a proof of its commitment to augmented reality.

Apple has also announced the arrival of smart glasses that would incorporate augmented reality to compete with Google and Facebook in the connected glasses market. Indeed, for the past few years, many brands have been challenging themselves to be the first to offer AR-enabled smart glasses to the public market. Nowadays, AR glasses exist but they are only for businesses. Only Snapchat is selling AR glasses at the moment, but they are only used for recording videos and photos.