Dive into the world of the sea with Nausicaa and discover the "Grand Large" reality experience

Nausicaa, Europe's largest aquarium, is offering a unique artificial intelligence experience, "The open sea, and offers visitors a totally immersive experience of the endangered waters of the high seas!

The "Grand Large" experience

Inaugurated in June 2022, Nausicaa is renewing its experience by showcasing the world of the high seas through augmented reality. The aim of this unique immersive experience is to give visitors a new perspective on the world of the high seas, and to impress them at the same time. Once comfortably seated, all visitors have to do is don an augmented reality headset and scan the QR Code to see the different fish in the bay appear before them. To get the best out of the experience, all you have to do is let yourself be guided by the gesture control. 


Experience at the cutting edge of technology


A quiz introduces visitors to the experience. They then see the different species appear one after the other, with an explanatory sheet for each species. By letting themselves be guided, visitors gradually discover the different species, see them and can admire this spectacle of nature. Turtle, sunfish, dolphin, swordfish... This experience is accompanied by explanations to help visitors understand what they are looking for. "to inform people about industrial fishing and the fish we eat". 

Augmented reality takes centre stage

Augmented reality, which consists of superimposing 2D and/or 3D elements on reality, really does transport and immerse web users in a new world. Today's web users are increasingly interested in phygital experiences. By combining the physical and the digital, users can enjoy unique experiences in a new dimension. AR therefore appears to be the ideal way to innovate and offer an original experience. Used on the Internet, applications and social networks, augmented reality experiences are proliferating to the delight of Internet users.