Vrroom raises funds to create its meta-showcase

Vrroom is a company offering experiences, immersive shows and interactive entertainment in custom-made virtual worlds. To continue its development, it has raised 1.5 million euros to launch its platform in the metaverse by the end of 2022. 

Vrroom, an innovative player in the event industry

Vrroom, a Catalan start-up created in 2018, aims to create events that are always more intense and crazy than the others thanks to virtual reality. Thus, the company offers various services ranging from hybrid shows mixing VR, AR and online broadcasting, through performing arts, sports events, cultural festivals or even exhibitions. With a complete know-how and a wide range of actions, the company has worked with various clients such as Roland Garros, the Beijing Olympics, the digital telethon or artists like Jean-Michel Jarre or the South by Southwest festival... Thanks to cultural and sports productions in VR and AR, Vrroom enriches the experience and offers an unforgettable moment to the spectators. By transporting spectators into a virtual world, Vrroom immerses them in a new universe to make them live and feel a new experience. A real incubator in this field, the company continues its development and continues to create unique emotions through the virtual world. These famous creations are distributed on VR platforms such as Sandbox VR or the social augmented reality application VRChat

With the support of partners such as Bpifrance, Crédit Agricole Sud Méditerranée, Société Générale, Airbus Développement and Réseau Entreprendre Occitanie Méditerranée, the group has raised €1.5 million to launch its VR platform, "Our platform will allow anyone to create their show online via a range of tools and monetise it endlessly".explains Louis Cacciuttolo, the president of Vrroom. The company's objective is to have its own platform to distribute its creations and to be independent in their virtual universe, a metaverse of entertainment. 


A metaverse of the show

Vrroom's ambition is to revolutionise the metaverse by creating a rich digital ecosystem on a French and European scale, "There is a strategic issue of sovereignty in the metaverse, linked to data protection and the fight against cybercrime. Currently, the platforms are American and Chinese (...)" explains Bastien Bouchut, the financial director.

vrroom evenementiel show metaverse

This metaverse of entertainment, also known as the YouTube of the metaverse, which will be launched in December, aims to host multiple shows and leisure activities in order to provide Internet users with increasingly immersive, surprising and unusual experiences. By breaking down the barriers between the virtual and real worlds, Vrroom aims to give as many people as possible the opportunity to create online shows thanks to comprehensive, rich and intuitive tools. 

Other projects and improvements are to come with the programming of a fundraising of 30 million euros for the second semester. The aim is to finance R&D and improve the platform, notably with gaming, the addition of NFT or social networks. With the addition of artificial intelligence and web 3Vrroom wants to specialise and offer quality products at the cutting edge of technology.