New NYX Snapchat Filters: A Revolution in the World of Virtual Beauty

Snapchat, in partnership with cosmetics brand NYX Professional Makeup, recently launched a revolutionary augmented reality (AR) make-up filter. The filter, called "Beauty Bestie", not only offers virtual aesthetic effects, but also serves as a marketing tool by redirecting users to products they can purchase to recreate the looks in real life.

The innovation behind the new NYX Snapchat filters

What sets this filter apart from other AR beauty filters is its direct integration with NYX products. Users can find the filter by searching for "NYX Beauty Bestie"This can be done on Snapchat or by visiting the brand's public profile. Each day, looks created by NYX make-up artists are offered, which users can personalise according to their preferences. The filter learns from user interactions to offer an increasingly personalised experience. In fact, the more you try this filter, the more it will suggest products that match your desires and needs.


An innovative marketing strategy

As well as offering virtual looks, the "Beauty Bestie" filter suggests products to buy. A "plus" button appears, redirecting users to products on sale on the NYX website. This feature is part of a wider marketing strategy aimed at attracting customers online, particularly in response to the closure of many pharmacies, the traditional points of sale for these products.

The future of AR filters in e-commerce

This move by Snapchat and NYX is part of a wider trend where companies are looking to monetise AR filters. Snapchat has even launched a new business division, AR Enterprise Services (ARES), to enable brands and their customers to use augmented reality to try out products virtually and shop online.

A new era for online shopping

The new NYX Snapchat filters mark a turning point in the use of augmented reality in online retail. By offering a personalised and interactive experience, they pave the way for a new era of virtual shopping, where trying on products becomes as easy as clicking on a filter.