TikTok and AI-generated content: A revolution for creators

TikTok, the popular short video sharing platform, never ceases to surprise its users with new features. The latest? An option allowing creators to tag their AI-generated content. Let's take a look at this innovation, which promises to be a game-changer for TikTokers.

The emergence of AI-generated content on TikTok

Artificial intelligence is now ubiquitous in our daily lives, and TikTok is no exception. More and more creators are using AI to produce original and captivating content, exploiting the almost infinite possibilities offered by this technology. Whether it's creating music, video montages or TikTok filtersAI has become a truly creative tool.

Marking AI-generated content: Why add this label?

label for AI-generated content on TikTok

Faced with the rise of AI-generated content, TikTok has decided to allow creators to explicitly tag their videos made with the help of artificial intelligence.

This decision has several objectives:

  • Transparency : By allowing creators to report the use of AI, TikTok aims to offer greater transparency to its community. Users will be able to find out whether the content they are viewing has been produced using traditional methods or with the help of AI.
  • Recognition: Marking AI-generated content also serves to highlight the work of the creators who use this technology. It's a way for them to show that they are at the cutting edge of innovation.
  • Education : This feature also aims to educate users about the capabilities of artificial intelligence. By seeing the potential of AI through impressive content, TikToke users will be able to better understand this technology.

Implications for the TikTok community

AI-generated content has the potential to radically transform the way videos are created and consumed on TikTok. By allowing creators to tag their content, the platform offers a new dimension to the user experience.

Users will not only be able to appreciate the talent of the creators, but also the technological prowess behind each video. What's more, this could encourage more TikToke users to explore AI as a creative tool, paving the way for a new era of innovative content.

In TikTok's policy, a new line has been added which specifies that "any AI-generated content that contains realistic images, audio or video must be identified as such to help viewers contextualise the situation and avoid the potential spread of misleading content". So giving creators the option of notifying whether content is generated by AI is just the beginning. TikTok is in the process of create an algorithm which will be able to recognise AI-generated content and add the label to the video.

With this new feature, TikTok is once again confirming its commitment to being at the forefront of innovation. AI-generated content promises to revolutionise the platform, offering new perspectives for creators and an enriched experience for users. Only time will tell how this technology will evolve on TikTok, but one thing is certain: the era of AI-generated content has only just begun.