Google inserts athletes in AR

At its I/O 2021 update, Google has announced a development AR functionality. It is thanks to this that a number of internationally renowned athletes are appearing in the Google search engine.

What does it involve?


When searching for an athlete's name among those selected, the option Visualise in 3D is proposed to visualise them in augmented reality. It is even possible to select the tricks or performances to be done from a short list as you can see below.

The performances look very realistic and are quite impressive. You can also adjust the size of the athletes to better fit them into your space or to better view them.

In order to function optimally, it will be sufficient to be surrounded by a flat surface so that competitors can exercise in the best possible way.

Note: the feature is available on the Google application for both IOS and Android.


Which athletes are present thanks to Google?

At the moment, a limited range of athletes is on offer, but this will continue to grow over time.

From today you will find the services of Simone Biles in gymnastics, the set-piece of Megan Rapinoe or the reverse side of Naomi Osaka.