Why use an Instagram filter agency?

Creating an Instagram filter for your brand is an important marketing lever. However, the quality of this filter must not be neglected and for this you must choose your service provider carefully. Here are 5 advantages of working with an Instagram filter agency.

Customised briefs

The creation of a Instagram filter requires a strategy with very precise objectives, as well as visuals to illustrate the ideas. It's very difficult to describe a filter without going through the brief. 

This is what Instagram filter agencies offer before you even sign the quote. Brands will then be able to visualise and imagine the filter so that they don't have to go back and forth with emails while creating the effect. 

In addition to the practical side, sending a brief in advance saves time in the creation of a filter. The brand and the agency have agreed on a project and this speeds up the whole creative process as there will be fewer exchanges and modifications to make.


Using an Instagram filter agency: the benefits

Qualified teams in augmented reality

An Instagram filter agency brings together different teams specialised in a specific field. All of them will contribute to your project in an efficient way in order to offer you a quality final result. 

Augmented reality requires expensive and specific software. Unlike an internal team in your company, the teams of an agency already know these softwares and master them perfectly. With their expertise, they will be able to create your filter according to your needs and expectations.

Support from A to Z

The second advantage of working with an Instagram filter agency is simply the support throughout the project. An agency puts the success of your project first to ensure its success. 

In addition, it allows you to communicate with a single contact person to avoid wasting time and information. He or she will be easy to reach and will do his or her utmost to answer your questions and needs in order to bring your project to a successful conclusion.

Regular reporting to analyse filter performance

To know if your campaign is successful, you need access to the right data and statistics. This is what filter creation agencies offer and they send regular reports with a precise and detailed analysis of the data. On Instagram there are several data to analyse the performance of your filter and also the type of audience reached by your effect. These figures can be used to understand what your community is looking for but also to improve your next Instagram filter project.

Experience and background

An Instagram filter agency is, as the name suggests, specialised in Instagram effects. It only deals with this subject with its clients in order to offer optimal and adapted content. The agency will therefore have a lot of experience in this field and will therefore know what is best for you and your project. A fresh, outside look from the Instagram filter agency can also bring in new elements and improve your strategy.

In addition, an Instagram filter can serve many different purposes such as activating a new product, increasing the number of followers or the engagement of your community as well as getting closer to your followers. Depending on the objective, an Instagram filter agency will be able to give you advice on how to quickly achieve the goal of your strategy.

To go further, go through an influence agency

Is your filter ready? Good for you. To give it even more visibility, you can have influencers use them in their stories. The virality will only be reinforced. Also, we advise you to use a Instagram influencer agency such as Influence4You who can find the right influencers to promote your filter... and get your communications message across.