Binance and Dubai launch NFT project

Binance and Dubai have joined forces to create a project around NFTs in the metaverse. On one side we have one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms and on the other a city that advocates evolution and the future. What better way to launch a great project called "The most beautiful NFTs in the metaverse".

Dubai's Museum of the Future at the centre of this project

On 18 May, Dubai's Museum of the Future announced the big project with Binance NFT. The aim is to create a range of NFTs on the cryptocurrency platform, the first collection of which is entitled "The Most Beautiful NFTs in the Metaverse".

dubai nft binance partnership

The two actors are both delighted with the project and have spoken to the press. The director of Binance NFT advertisement "We are honoured to partner with the Museum of the Future in Dubai, a truly unique and innovative concept. We look forward to working with the Museum to develop cutting-edge digital products that will enhance industry growth to promote the adoption of blockchain in the region". 

The Minister of State for AI, the Digital Economy and Telework Applications states ".The Museum of the Future's partnership with the world's largest player in the cryptocurrency ecosystem (...) makes a significant contribution to Dubai's plans. It aims to establish a new international digital platform. This ecosystem of assets (...) will generate long-term economic growth within the digital economy".


NFTs and the metaverse: technologies of the future

Binance NFT will provide the museum with the necessary infrastructure to develop the project and its non-fungible token collections. The Museum of the Future has been in Dubai for a few years now and it makes sense that it would be interested in NFT as it is a technology of the future. 

Dubai is a city that promotes new technologies and futuristic infrastructures. Thus, Web 3 and its technologies are an opportunity for the city to show its ability to develop and adapt to the world of the future. 

Thus the director of the museum of the future states that "This exciting project is the first of many that will see us working with the world's brightest minds and making developments (...) that will shape the future."

The project's first collection "The Most Beautiful NFTs in the Metaverse" will be launched in the coming weeks and will reflect the city's beauty and history. The NFTs will be available on the blockchain at Binance NFT. 

This partnership is also an opportunity for Binance to expand into NFT in Dubai. By offering its cryptocurrency platform for the museum of the future, the giant aims to become the main player in Dubai but also in the world as this city has a strong influence.

Web3: the next internet in development

The Web3 is the new version of the internet that will take the place of our current internet. It is made up of NFT, the metaverse, augmented and virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

It is therefore very important for brands to adapt and integrate these technologies into their brand and marketing strategy. Indeed, they need to ride this wave in order to increase their awareness and reach more people. Indeed, Web3 users will be people who were previously unreachable and people who were in Web2. 

Many brands have already embraced Web 3 in different ways. Some in the metaverse directly and others in NFTsFilter Maker offers services to develop brand strategy in Web 3. Contact one of our experts to learn more!