The best Instagram filters for celebrating Dia de Muertos

As Dia de Muertos (2 November 2023) approaches, a traditional Mexican holiday that celebrates life and honours the memory of the dead, social networks are lighting up with vibrant colours and memorable images. Instagram, the popular platform for sharing photos and videos, is becoming a space where users can express their creativity and share special moments through Instagram filters unique and artistic.

In this article, we'll explore the best Instagram filters that will capture the essence of this rich and colourful celebration. Whether you want to add a touch of mysticism with filters in purple and orange hues, or prefer effects that evoke the traditions and symbols of Dia de Muertos, we've put together a selection that's sure to meet your expectations.

1. The Instagram filter: Calavera Wick

This Instagram filter is perfect for Dia de Muertos. The mask is coloured and animated with light effects around the eyes to make the filter much more original.

Directed by briannawick

2. The Instagram filter: Skull&Poses

Looking for a simple, aesthetically pleasing Instagram filter for Dia de Muertos? Then this filter is for you! In fact, the skeleton mask is light and well done with red roses to sublimate the face.

Directed by daryabiller


3. The Instagram filter: Catrina

Catrina is an Instagram filter made up of a typical Dia de Muertos mask and a lut that changes the colour of the environment. This adds a special atmosphere to the skeleton mask.

Directed by luisitocomunica

4. Dia de Muertos

Here's an example of an Instagram filter for Dia de Muertos. This mask is coloured in the event's colours and eye animations create a unique experience.

Created by : maximkuzlin

5. Catrina 🌹💀

The Catrina filter allows you to use several different skeleton masks. So you can try them out and use the one you like best. What's more, a light fog is built in to create a Dia de Muertos atmosphere.

Directed by : filtroshmo