Top 5 TikTok filters and effects offered by brands

There are a number of many branded effects on TikTok. This is why we have made the top 5 of TikTok filters published by brands that are worth testing!

1. Kenshi Yonezu

Kenshi Yonezu is a Japanese musician well known for his musical works used in Japanese anime. This filter was released to promote the new single release of this young artist.

This filter was produced by our agency Filter Maker.


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2. Nike - TikTok filter

In order to promote a campaign for young girls who play sports, Nike has launched a TikTok filter to accompany a challenge. The aim is to do something sporty and share it on TikTok with the hashtag #YoureIt

3. Max Factor - TikTok filter

This roulette filter allows the user to take part in a challenge launched by a very large beauty brand. Indeed, the roulette stopped randomly on an eye make-up to be done and the user had to do it.

This filter was carried out by @bu.sia

4. Kulosa - TikTok filter

Kulosa is a Nigerian singer who wanted to release a TikTok filter to announce the release of his new album "Ku lo sa". This effect was very quickly taken up for TikTok trends.

5. Shein - TikTok filter

In order to promote its partnership with the Fashion Show, Shein launched an effect on TikTok that aimed to launch a trend or challenge with this filter.