What's the new Rio de Janeiro trend on Tiktok?

Tiktok, a network full of surprises where trends come and go. Not all of them are understandable at first glance. No matter how much time you spend exploring the application, there always seem to be places where new trends.

Lately, some TikTok users have noticed photo carousels with the words " Rio de Janeiro "So what does Rio de Janeiro mean to the young people on TikTok? So what does Rio de Janeiro mean to the young people of TikTok?

Why are so many videos posted with the tag #RiodeJaneiro on TikTok?

The Rio de Janeiro trend is confusing many users.  For example, the " What does Rio de Janeiro mean? "has become a very common suggested search on TikTok.

Some people say that Rio de Janeiro is a filter on InstagramThey say it makes any photo more beautiful, even if it's not perfect. That's why people use it to improve a photo.


A growing trend that's creating a buzz

The Rio de Janeiro filter can be used to colourise and add warm tones to photo or video content. It saturates images with pink, orange and purple. The Rio de Janeiro trend can be summed up as follows using this filter/presetwhich has been a familiar feature of Instagram stories for a number of years now, but which has recently become something of a meme.

Some users apply the same filter several times to a photo slideshow, pointing out that this preset works with any type of content. However, interpretations of this trend vary, and there is no clear consensus on its meaning.

TikTok is full of micro-trendsAnd popular styles can change quickly. This one appeared very quickly and could disappear just as quickly.

So if you see a video tagged with Rio de Janeiro by scrolling through your Instagram or TikTok feed, it probably means she's using the popular Instagram filterUnless, of course, it's about the city in Brazil, as there are always actual publications about Rio in the application.

How can I try the 'Rio de Janeiro' trend filter?

If you'd like to try this effect yourself, here's how to find the Rio de Janeiro filter:

  1. Take a photo on your Instagram story (or upload one from your gallery)
  2. Slide your finger left on the screen to scroll through the filters
  3. First you'll see 'Paris', then 'Los Angeles' and 'Oslo'.
  4. Continue scrolling until you reach 'Rio de Janeiro'.