Must-know 2024 trends

Like every year, social networks and other communications platforms are following trends that are mainly initiated by users and brands. Let's take a look at the 2024 trends you absolutely must follow!

2024 trends on social networks for users

Instagram trends

In 2023, Instagram reached 2.5 billion users, over half of whom are aged between 15 and 35. Having a presence on this social network is therefore crucial to increasing your number of followers and making a name for yourself. 

In direct competition with TikTok, Instagram has added Reels to its platform. These are short videos of up to 90 minutes, which are very trendy and used by all users. To keep up with the 2024 trends, it's essential to test this format by incorporating relevant hashtags.

Snapchat's new artificial intelligence

Snapchat has developed its new My AI chatbot. It allows users to communicate simply by asking it questions. Depending on the request, the virtual character responds within seconds and in a highly relevant way. In 2024, My AI will have evolved and will offer more features, such as exchanging a chat via photos and selfies, which is not yet possible on the platform.

Trends 2024 on TikTok: augmented reality filters

As the great Tiktokeurs know, keeping up with trends is essential if you want to make a name for yourself on social networks. So it's important to offer new content and formats to the public. To help budding Tiktokeers be more creative, the platform offers a range of resources on its site specially dedicated to creators and businesses.

For 2024, the trends will obviously be augmented reality filters. The most impactful will be comedy filters, since they are the ones that generate the most shares and comments.


2024 trends for brands

Making your mark on social networks

A Hootsuite study recently showed that brands and manufacturers are increasingly adopting content marketing strategies on social networks in order to promote them to a wide audience. The American confectionery brand Stuckey's benefited from this via the TikTok social network, where posts were scheduled every week.

The brand became the first family-run roadside retail chain in the US in 1960, but then fell on hard times and was bought out several times until Stephanie Stuckey, granddaughter of the founder, decided to take over the family business. Despite being hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, Stephanie Stuckey didn't shy away from the challenge and went straight to work on the TikTok social network. With the programming of short videos, each more original than the last, a community loyal to the brand gradually grew to 17,000 subscribers on TikTok. To keep up the momentum, Stuckey's has joined the professional platform Linkedin, where its subscribers have grown from 200 to 100,000 in just two years.

By reaching more consumers, the brand managed to increase its online sales by over 750%. As a social media content creation agency, we strongly encourage brands to adopt or pursue this digital marketing strategy for 2024.

Invading the metaverse: a powerful virtual trend

It's on everyone's lips and is winning over more and more brands. metaverse. By offering brands unique, novel and original experiences, the metaverse has become the global trend that everyone needs to follow. Many brands are already present and contributing to the development of this very special world, but some are still shy and don't yet dare to take the plunge. It could well be that 2024 will be the trigger for them to join in and help create ever richer and more engaging content.

Using the Paris 2024 Olympics, the metaverse is preparing to welcome more sports brands into its world. This is the case for Nike, which is planning to create a virtual space called Nikeland where its audience will be able to meet and share moments and experiences in augmented reality. Users will be able to take part in sports games with their friends using the virtual equipment provided.