5 reasons to include an Instagram filter in your marketing strategy

There are many reasons to include an Instagram filter, but here we will cover the most important ones.


1. A very large audience

Augmented reality is used in technical fields such as health or industry, AR is also an important lever for digital marketing. Indeed, the Facebook group of social networks has more than 3 billion monthly users, including 1 billion on Instagram. It is therefore the ideal place to promote your brand regardless of the content published.

Regarding augmented reality, Instagram filters are undeniably the best in terms of ROI. A campaign based on a filter will therefore be more effective than traditional content. Moreover, AR effects are much appreciated by users and absorb them much more. 8 out of 10 users spend on average more than a minute on an augmented reality experience, 5 of them more than 2 minutes.

Finally, to confirm this first reason, it should also be noted that 60% of Instagrammers use augmented reality effects, which is totally huge and proves that the audience is very fond of filters on Instagram.

2. A large and equally committed audience

You might think, "OK, I'm reaching a lot of people with a filter, but is it effective?

Yes, the importance of augmented reality does not stop at its reach. A filter requires the user to interact with the content to explore all the possibilities that the Instagram filter offers. The user will therefore be absorbed by the experience, they will have fun with the filter and intuitively become interested in the brand. A person will spend 5 times more time on an augmented reality experience than on a video published on Instagram.

Gamification of a filter is the most opportunistic solution as it further absorbs the user into the augmented reality experience.

3. Stand out from your competitors

Instagram filters are present on Instagram but AR campaigns by brands on Instagram are still not very common. Therefore, it allows brands to differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering interactive, 100 % personalised and unique content.

4. Filters serve many purposes

As explained above, AR filters are 100% customisable and therefore allow you to spread the message you want to get across.

Thus, you can easily :

👉🏻 boost your brand image

👉🏻 increase the conversion rate

👉🏻 promote a new product

👉🏻 optimise your drive to store strategy

5. Users become ambassadors for your brand

To finish this top 5, we wanted to highlight the evolution of the place of users in a digital strategy. On social networks, when you publish something, you can't totally control what users will do with it. On the one hand this can be a disadvantage, but for filters it is a real advantage.

Indeed, when a person discovers an Instagram filter that they really like, they will quickly share it with their friends and family through stories or private messages. The user then becomes an ambassador of your brand without really knowing it and thanks to this, you can even reach new people who had not seen your filter. So, at a lower cost, you can expand your audience and visibility quickly thanks to Instagram users.

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