The Bold Glamour: the TikTok filter in trend.

A new filter that's all the rage these days is the Bold Glamour filter. Smoothed contours, a slimmer chin, a trumpet nose - it's all about looking perfect!

The filter Bold Glamour A TikTok filter yes, but not just any filter!

Interactive and generated by artificial intelligence, the Bold Glamour filter is the talk of the social network TikTok since February 2023 and went viral within weeks.

Generally speaking, augmented reality filters include various 3D elements that are positioned around the user. It is thanks to this that it offers a unique experience, totally immersive and almost undetectable.


Difference between the TikTok Bold glamour filter and other beauty filters.

Attracting and fascinating the largest number of users every day, it makes possible everything from adding make-up to refining facial features. The aspects of the filter will not disappear if the urge to run your hand across your face takes hold. 

The beauty filters will simply position themselves on your face but will disappear as soon as an object or part of the face is hidden. The range of possibilities is therefore limited, unlike the Bold Glamour filter which is more advanced in terms of technology.

How use the Bold Glamour filter from TikTok ?

You can find the full documentation and find your TikTok filters by visiting the Where to find TikTok Filters? To activate the Bold Glamour filter, simply follow these steps: 

tutorial using Bold Glamour step 1

Step 1 Go to the application and activate the front camera.

tutorial using Bold Glamour step 2

Step 2 The Bold Glamour filter is likely to be found trending or you can search for it by typing Bold Glamour in the search bar.

tutorial using Bold Glamour step 3

Step 3 Launch a video and the Bold Glamour effect will automatically be positioned on your face.

tutorial using Bold Glamour step 4

Step 4 All that's left to do is write a description, add hashtags and mention friends.

Publish the TikTok and share it as much as possible! The video will then be viewed, commented, liked and shared by other users. 

What are the advantages of a beauty filter on TikTok?

New trends, beauty filters in 3D visualisation can improve a person's appearance by changing skin colour, removing blemishes, enlarging eyes and even plumping lips.

If the consumer wants to try a foundation without buying it, they can simply apply the filter and see the shades and coverage of the product.

For example, 3D filters offer potential customers a more immersive shopping experience by allowing them to view products in 3D in their own environment, which can help increase their confidence in their purchase. For example, if the consumer wants to try a foundation without buying it, they can simply apply the filter and see the shades and coverage of the product.

Thanks to the numerous contents posted every day on social networks, brands will increase their visibility. In addition, these filters can be used for sponsored advertising, targeting or retargeting potential buyers.