How does branded augmented reality influence the user to buy?

In order to understand the benefits of branded augmented reality for consumers, Snapchat conducted a study based on the knowledge of augmented reality specialists and then surveyed consumers in France, the US and UK and Saudi Arabia.

The question was whether branded augmented reality influences consumers to buy more quickly than another marketing action.

AR use is democratized, branded augmented reality is soon to be

branded augmented reality snapchat study

As we all know, augmented reality is already well established in our society and this study confirms it, more than half of the population surveyed (people between 13 and 49 years old) have already used it. When we look at the AR content offered by brands, a third of people have already used this type of content. Furthermore, if we focus on Snapchatters only, 56% of Snapchatters are more likely to have tried a filter offered by a brand.

Moreover, according to the Snapchat study, this behaviour will continue to grow as 3 out of 4 consumers believe that augmented reality will play an important role in the consumer buying process over the next 5 years.

Augmented reality is in high demand by consumers


Simply put, more than half of those surveyed are developing an interest in AR, particularly on social networks such as Snapchat and Instagram. This behaviour offers an opportunity for brands to offer different content and to be discovered by consumers or to get closer to their community. It is therefore essential for brands to integrate augmented reality into their marketing strategy.


The GenZ in the front line but not only!

interest in augmented reality branding

It is true that Generation Z is the generation that uses the most augmented reality offered by brands. Indeed, GenZ is the generation that will be more likely to discover and share AR content. However, millennials and Generation X are also users of augmented reality but in a different form. Indeed, they are particularly fond of branded augmented reality content and have a greater possibility of purchase after an AR experience. It is therefore necessary to create AR content adapted to these 3 generations in order to increase conversion opportunities.

Branded augmented reality has an impact at every stage of the buying journey

acquisition funnel with augmented reality

2 out of 3 consumers who use branded augmented reality agree that they are more likely to buy a product after an AR experience. Furthermore, 72% say they are even more likely after trying a branded product try-on.

Thus, branded augmented reality has a positive impact on the buying journey and provides highly relevant touch points from inspiration to purchase.

To sum up, branded augmented reality provides a point of contact with consumers throughout the acquisition funnel. It is a powerful lever that should be used now in your marketing campaigns to increase conversion. Augmented reality users are numerous and represent generations that are less and less sensitive to traditional brand communication. Thus, this technology meets different marketing objectives and must be integrated in the best way to achieve more than positive performance.