Snapchat has released its first report on the trends of Snapchat filter of the year. You can find the most used filters and the ones that are revolutionary. Every day, more than 6 billion photos and videos are taken with a filter and this proves the effectiveness of augmented reality.


Try-on and e-commerce trends on Snapchat

With the remarkable technological advances Snapchat has made, trying on clothing or accessories is possible on the app. This feature allows brands to offer AR product trials to users. The try-on will become an important lever for sales and Snapchat has understood this very well and invests a lot to make it more fluid and precise every year. 

In its trends report, Snapchat highlights three filters that have been very successful or that have revolutionised the try-on. These include Prada, with a filter for trying on new bags, Farfetch, with a filter for wearing jackets, and Zenni, with glasses that look exactly like the brand's real products.

With Snapchat, the user can go directly to the merchant's website through a call to action on the Snapchat filter.


Pushing the boundaries with Snapchat filters

With the covid-19, the world has experienced a slowdown and limitations in the movement of people. This lack of communication has inspired filter creators to be able to travel or communicate with each other in an original and dynamic way. 

Its Snapchat filter trends report shows us several achievements that are worth a look, such as the filter for learning American sign language or the filter that shows the evolution of the Arc de Triomphe since 1962 during the building's construction. This futuristic side of Snapchat filters shows the usefulness of augmented reality in the years to come and proves that this technology helps break down barriers between people.

Trendy filters you won't want to miss

In the Snapchat filter trends, you can also find lenses that have been monstrously successful thanks to important trends or films. 

Among them is the Squid Games filter which generated more than 10 million impressions or Little Bernie who caused a sensation during an inauguration and his symbolic pose went around the world. One of the filters that is trending is the 3D cartoon which has generated several billion impressions.

Young people's commitment to their countries and their planet

The Snapchat generation is part of the generation that wants to make a difference and is thinking about saving the planet from climate change. Thus, they use social networks to show their commitment and get informed. That's why on Snapchat you can find several trending filters that have been used and seen millions of times by users. One of the Snapchat filters that is part of this trend highlights the consequences of global warming in our oceans. Another filter representative of this trend is the "Song for Charlie" filter which warns of the dangers of Fentanyl after the death of Charlie, a young American.

Music filters among Snapchat trends

A year ago, Snapchat launched a feature that allowed music to be integrated into filters to help artists promote their new albums. Users took to these filters to discover new music or to share their favourite songs in an original way. Since it is possible to do anything in terms of Snapchat filters, it is easy for artists to share the atmosphere of their albums or music. 

Among the trendy filters are Notorious B.I.G and Billie Eillish.

As you can see, this year's trends are quite broad in terms of subject matter, but this allows everyone to create and share Snapchat filters according to their desires. Knowing that Snapchat users are very fond of filters, it is important for a brand to create its Snapchat filter to communicate more easily with this generation. 

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