Tutorial: How do I use Dream on Snapchat?

In the dynamic world of social media, Snapchat continues to set itself apart by offering innovative features that captivate its users. The latest of these is a revolutionary feature called "Dream". In this article, we'll explore this new feature in depth, guiding you on how to use it and where to find it on Snapchat.

What is Dream?

Dream is a feature based on generative artificial intelligence (AI), launched on 29 August 2023. It allows Snapchat users to create fantastical images and adopt new virtual identities. Whether you want to transform yourself into a mermaid in an underwater landscape or a Renaissance-era king, Dream makes it all possible. Users can create up to eight AI-generated selfies, offering an immersive and personalised experience.


How do I use Dream on Snapchat?

To start using "Dream", follow these simple but detailed steps:

  • Go to the "Memories" section : Open your Snapchat app and go to the 'Memories' section, which is one of the main tabs in the app.
  • Use the "Dreams" tab: In the "Memories" section, you'll find a new tab entitled "Dreams". This is where your adventure with Dream begins.
  • Create a custom generative AI model : Take a few selfies to create a personalised generative AI model. This step allows you to personalise your "Dream" experience, creating unique identities based on your face.
  • Start using "Dream" : Once you've created your AI model, you can start exploring the different possibilities offered by "Dream". The first eight creations are free, but if you want to extend your experience, you can purchase additional creations directly from the application.

Where is the "Dream" feature available?

Dream" is currently being rolled out progressively. It will first be available in Australia and New Zealand, before launching globally in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for Snapchat updates so you don't miss the launch of this exciting feature in your region.

The Capabilities of Personalised Generative AI

In this digital age, personalised generative artificial intelligence is at the heart of many innovations, and Snapchat's 'Dream' feature is a perfect example. But what exactly does this mean and what are the capabilities of personalised generative AI? Let's dive deeper to find out.

dream de snapchat - personalized generative AI model

Personalised Generative AI uses advanced algorithms to create new and unique content based on input data provided by the user, in this case selfies.

Here are some of the remarkable capabilities of this technology:

  • Creating unique content : Generative AI can create images, videos or even texts that are unique and personalised. In the context of "Dream", this means that each selfie generated by the AI will be distinct and tailored to your preferences and characteristics.
  • Immersive experience : This technology enables immersive user experienceThis is an area where users can explore virtual worlds and adopt new identities, while remaining anchored in reality.
  • High level of interactivity : Users are not simply spectators, but active participants in the creative process. They can influence the final result by adjusting various parameters, offering a truly interactive experience.
  • Continuous learning : Generative AI continually learns and adapts based on user interactions, meaning that your experience with "Dream" can evolve and improve over time.
  • Social integration : In future phases of "Dream", users will be able to integrate their friends into their creations, fostering enriching and fun social experiences.

Snapchat continues to push the boundaries of innovation with the launch of 'Dream', a feature that promises to transform the way we interact with artificial intelligence. By following the steps outlined above, you'll be ready to explore the fantastical worlds created by "Dream". We encourage you to give this feature a try and share your experiences with your friends on Snapchat.