Top 10 trends for 2023 on Instagram

Instagram, the photo and video sharing platform, recently released a report on the trends to follow for the year 2023. Designed with the help of WGSN (a survey agency), the report on social networks is based on the opinions of more than 1,200 people from Generation Z, aged 16 to 24 in the United States.

This report contains all the topics and themes of interest to Generation Z, including the use of social media such as Instagram. This is a goldmine for companies, who use it to improve their online presence by focusing on relevant topics carried by their target audience. Also, social marketing agencies are using it to help brands optimise their content strategy and social media presence using the latest trends from the Instagram survey.

the trends on instagram 2023 - the trends records


Recycling, second hand and creation

The first major theme of this Instagram report shows that climate change and pollution are serious issues for this generation. Indeed, Gen Z is very interested in fashion but is increasingly aware of the environmental impact of fast fashion. Thus, young people aged 16 to 24 will favour second-hand products in order to limit their environmental impact.

In addition, this generation is very fond of DIY which allows them to recycle or create objects. For example, many designers show tutorials on how to create and sew trendy clothes themselves so that they can continue to dress fashionably without consuming fast fashion.

Social media and digital platforms play a key role in raising awareness and taking action among this generation.

In action and politics

Gen Z are an activist generation who want to make things happen quickly. While 30% of Gen Z are old enough to vote, the other part cannot yet make their voices heard through voting. So they support their causes on Instagram and are willing to donate money to help companies and associations that share the same ambitions as them. 

In addition, this generation follows a lot of influencers of their age on different social networks such as Instagram who are politically engaged. Young people are very engaged in politics and want to see more politicians of their own age, for example, so that they can make their voices heard.

2023 : The year of make-up revisited

Gen Z is a highly connected generation influenced by digital communication and community management on social networks. Therefore, to reach their targets, make-up brands must have a strong digital presence and work on their notoriety on these platforms. Make-up is no longer synonymous with beauty for Gen Z but has become a tool to express themselves. More and more young designers and users are interested in artistic make-up.

Moreover, as a generation that has grown up in a world with global warming, young people prefer to buy make-up that protects their health. For example, they will prefer cosmetic products that protect against UV rays but also against polluted air.

The metaverse and avatars: a 2023 plot

Generation Z sees the metaverse as an opportunity to build a better world with common values and respect for each other. Thus, 67% of Gen Z think that avatars should better represent the diversity of physiques (morphology, clothes, skin colours) in the coming years. Therefore, therands are now developing an appropriate digital marketing and communication strategy to build audience loyalty and strengthen their brand image.

In addition, more than half of this generation wants to be inspired by digital avatars and influencers about fashion and beauty.

Finance at the heart of the 2023 trends

Generation Z has clearly understood that Instagram is a platform where it is easy to start a business and earn an income. 64% of them even plan to monetise a project on Instagram.

In addition, finance has once again become a central topic for young Instagram users. Indeed, they want to understand and develop their financial skills in order to better develop their business and entrepreneurship. 85% of Gen Z plan to develop a new skill in 2023 with 1 in 4 wanting to strengthen their financial knowledge.

For example, the finance sector is a real lever for young Instagram users to build a solid e-reputation on the social network.

Foreign culinary culture for all to enjoy

Recipes on Instagram are all the rage. Many young people are interested in cooking and 68% of generation Z are interested in traditional cooking from other countries and would like to try cooking a dish after seeing a video about it.

Instagram has become a place where all cultures meet and allows GenZ to increase their curiosity about other countries and cultures and to learn more.

Culinary culture is therefore a very popular topic on Instagram and can be used to implement a digital strategy to reach and retain this audience interested in cooking.

Community and interaction with creators

Creators on social networks have all built an active community. Thus, Generation Z wants to interact with their favourite designers on the web and in real life. For example, Lives are very important to them and a third of them would like to meet their designers at conventions.

Finally, Gen Z users follow their creators on several different platforms and would like to find them in different content formats. For example, more than 40% of them would like to find them in podcasts that cover different topics.

Music creation and music events

Music is one of the most common 2023 trends for this generation. Indeed, Gen Z use music to express themselves and are interested in all types of world music. However, KPOP and Latino music are very present on Instagram.

In addition, this generation also wants to take advantage of musical events to get together and reconnect. Raves are becoming more and more common and 68% of this generation want to participate in this type of event throughout the year 2023.

Dating on Instagram

The medium Instagram has become a meeting place for many young people, more and more of whom use it to find their soul mate or to find a short-lived relationship. They start conversations with other users and get to know each other through the application.

In addition, brands can also communicate on social networks using this trend to develop a relevant marketing strategy to reach this audience interested in dating on Instagram.

The presence on social networks of young users is therefore a boon for brands that use the networks to improve their social media strategy.