The success and benefits of the QR Code

The famous pixelated square that was forgotten and left aside for a long time is back. A practical and useful tool in everyday life, it makes life easier for brands while accompanying their customers in their purchasing process. A real bridge between reality and the virtual, the QR Code, Quick Response Code, has become a contactless interaction that is increasingly used by brands. But how can it be used? And what are its advantages?

What is a QR Code?

The health crisis, which appeared in the 1990s in Japan, marked the great return of this technology. Ideal for marking social distancing, respect for norms while having easy and quick access to the desired content, it then appears as the ideal tool. In terms of use, all you have to do is take your smartphone, open the camera application, scan with the rear camera and then open the destination link which appears instantly via a notification. This tool is used in particular in the restaurant industry to access the map very simply while limiting physical contact. 

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The advantages of the QR Code

As mentioned earlier, the QR code has made a comeback, as it strongly limits physical contact, an important element in the context of the health crisis. Beyond the health aspect, it is a tool with many advantages. 

Firstly, the QR Code is practical and immediate. With customers increasingly in a hurry and looking for a faster service, this tool meets the need for immediacy while providing all the necessary information. The time saved with this technology has become very important for companies, especially in terms of making the customer's purchasing process more fluid. 

Another strong point of the QR Code is that it is an opportunity to bring fun interactivity, to seduce the customer and make him come to you. Thus, in an inbound marketing strategy, the QR Code can be used during promotional campaigns to present a product in question and invite customers to the nearest shop, for example. The company is completely free to choose the content of the link to which the QR Code leads. It can highlight an address, an event such as a clearance sale, a product, give thanks... Many things can be done!

In a society where the combination of physical and digital is increasingly important, the QR Code is the tool par excellence for the implementation of of phygital actions. It is a direct link between physical and virtual communication tools in order to create synergy and complete communication. QR codes are regularly integrated into posters, flyers, business cards or even thank-you cards. The QR Code becomes an important element that fits perfectly into the communication strategy of brands.

Augmented reality

To offer an original, immersive and unique experience, it is possible to offer AR content via the QR Code. The destination link can, for example, lead customers to a filter Instagram, Snapchat or even Tik Tok highlighting the release of a new product or a key event, for example. By adding augmented reality to the content, users will be transported into a new world and immersed directly into the brand's universe. This is an important element to differentiate from the competition. This is what our agency did by including a QR code on our year-end thank you card. When our customers scan the QR Code, they discover an augmented reality animation and elements around them that they can discover little by little by turning the phone and moving around. 

Multiple actions and contents can be imagined with the QR Code and this is its main strength. From display to augmented reality, brands can let their imagination do the talking while offering quick and easy access content to their customers.