The partnership between Snapchat and the Louvre: bringing ancient Egypt back to life through augmented reality

Innovation at the Heart of the Partnership between Snapchat and the Louvre

In a world where technology and art are converging in unexpected ways, the partnership between Snapchat and Le Louvre has emerged as an innovative alliance, opening the doors of art history to the digital generation. Uniting the boundless creativity of Snapchat with the historical and cultural immensity of the Louvre, this partnership illustrates a remarkable fusion of the old and the new.

At the heart of this collaboration is a immersive experience invites visitors to the museum, and even those at a distance, to explore Egyptian antiquities in a way never seen before. Thanks to the augmented reality filter on SnapchatIn this exhibition, ancient statues and artefacts come to life, breaking down the barriers of time and space, and offering a dynamic interaction between the public and the works of art.

partnership between Snapchat and the Louvre

Each sculpture, each hieroglyph is transformed through the screen, making the wonders of the past accessible and attractive to the digital generation. Users can immerse themselves in captivating visual narratives, enhanced by visual and sound effects, transcending the traditional experience of visiting a museum.

The LouvreWith its history and prestige, the Louvre is opening up to a younger and more diverse audience. The partnership between Snapchat and Le Louvre symbolises an opportunity to educate, engage and inspire, by marrying timeless art with contemporary technology. It's a bold step towards a future where art and technology co-exist and complement each other, opening up endless avenues of exploration and learning.


Tangible results from the partnership between Snapchat and the Louvre

The impact of the partnership between Snapchat and Le Louvre is as measurable as it is impressive. Statistics show a significant increase in visitor engagement, both physical and digital. Young people, in particular, appear to be re-engaged, establishing a renewed dialogue with history and culture.

snapchat filter for the partnership with the Louvre

Augmented reality filters, developed with precision and creativity, offer a visual and interactive narrative, transforming each visit into a personal and memorable adventure. Works of art, once silent and immobile, now communicate, telling their rich and complex stories to a captivated and global audience.

This initiative has not only strengthened the Louvre's digital presence but also redefined public engagement. Snapchat's global reach, with its millions of daily active users, propels the museum's hidden treasures onto the world stage. The whole world is invited to explore and appreciate art in a new light, transcending geographical and linguistic barriers.

In the digital age, where human interaction and communication are often facilitated by technology, the partnership between Snapchat and Le Louvre is a pioneering initiative. It demonstrates the unexplored power and potential of the alliance between digital platforms and cultural institutions. Together, they weave a global visual narrative, uniting generations and cultures, and proving that art, in all its forms, is a universal language.