Nreal AR Goggles, a new Steam beta is available to play with the goggles

Nreal, a Chinese start-up specialising in augmented reality, has developed AR glasses. It is now possible to experience Steam games with these glasses, ideal!

Step 1 Bridging the gap between the virtual and the real with NFTs

Nreal is specialised in the design of AR glasses. The start-up has developed two glasses, the Nreal Light and the Nreal Air. These pairs allow users to view immersive experiences through a projected screen while moving, seeing and visualising in real time the virtual elements that appear. Videos, films and even series can be viewed with the glasses, a feature much appreciated by Internet users, some of whom use the glasses on a daily basis. 

The Nreal Air is the latest version of the group. Technical improvements have been made in order to have a very high quality product. Compatible with both Apple and Android devices, many things can be done with these AR glasses, to the delight of buyers. 

Nreal Light Nreal Air


Steam on Nreal

With the beta version of Steama platform where users can purchase games such as the Halo series or DiRT RallyWith the new AR and VR glasses, users can play AR and VR games on Steam using the glasses. This new feature adds to the range of functions available and reinforces the gaming aspect and immersion in a new virtual universe. Even if not all games are accessible, those available are available on a 200-inch HD screen, so you can enjoy the experience. 

Augmented reality with glasses

Augmented reality is now part of our daily lives. Brands are adapting and gradually offering AR and VR solutions. This is particularly the case for glasses. More and more groups are marketing augmented reality glasses such as GoogleLenovo, Apple, MetaQualcomm and many others. The objective is to offer a unique, rich and complete immersive experience to take users into its universe. To hold meetings, to visualise films, to have a direct translation during a dialogue that includes different languages or even to discover a totally fantastic game, augmented reality can be used in different ways. This plurality is one of the strengths of augmented reality. Many things can be put in place and offer users a variety of experiences. 

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