The 5 digital marketing trends for 2023

Digital marketing is constantly evolving and changing, and this is due to new technologies and tools that evolve regularly. So here are the 5 digital marketing trends that will be important in 2023.

1- Digital marketing trend : the new "KPIs

Users are increasingly engaged by ads and brands on the internet and social networks and companies want to deliver more human messages. Brands must therefore create captivating and memorable content quickly. Thus two new KPIs have been invented: measuring the attention and memorability of content seen by users, which are two metrics focused on "humans". 

  • Attention : This is a measure of how well a person remembers seeing an advertisement.
  • Memorability : It measures the extent to which the user has retained the content and elements of the ad.

It is very difficult to measure these two variables but they are still very important to take into account to know the real impact of your content and advertising. These two KPIs can be taken into account for awareness campaigns but also for conversion and loyalty campaigns.

Attention and memorability can also be very good KPIs when you offer immersive experiences such as Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok filter publishing.


2- Digital marketing trend : short and qualitative content

As explained above, consumers are inundated with content every day. They are therefore no longer sensitive to simple publications with no added value and no real creativity.
This is why brands need to focus on the quality of content offered to social network and internet users to differentiate themselves from the competition. Indeed, nowadays content must convey messages and values so that visitors adhere and engage with their brand.

Moreover, the explosion of TikTok has highlighted that users are very fond of short content. So, in addition to having to offer quality content, brands must also adapt their formats to make it short and effective. Short videos have therefore become content that combines both speed and quality and therefore creates impactful ads.

3- Digital marketing trend : more segmented campaigns

In 2023, one of the most important digital marketing trends is campaign accuracy. Targeting or retargeting an audience massively without really segmenting its target no longer works. Indeed, consumers are more and more sensitive to campaigns that really correspond to them. Therefore, brands need to accurately analyse all types of consumers by cross-referencing metadata and CRM data in order to share targeted content.

4- Digital marketing trend : gamification

Gamification is a proven digital marketing lever that many brands are already using in their strategies. Gamification can take many forms and can therefore be adapted to many campaign formats.

Gamification helps to create engagement quickly with users and thus increases the chances of conversion and retention. Gamification thus shows that brands must constantly find new ways to find and reach their target audience in an innovative way.

The filters for social networks are content that can be used to create gamified experiences on social networks. AR game filters are immersive experiences that can be easily adapted to the brand's image, you can create a filter where the user can catch or avoid objects.

5- Digital marketing trend : the metaverse

When you read metaverse, you immediately think of the integrated metaverse in virtual reality. However, there is another type of metaverse that is unfortunately overlooked and yet is a much more accessible and useful technology. This is the augmented reality metaverse. This type of metaverse combines reality and the virtual and can therefore be integrated into the users' environment.

lego connected lenses digital marketing trends

This digital trend is used on Snapchat, for example, with connected lenses. In a Snapchat filter in partnership with LegoSnapchat has created an AR construction game where several friends can build a lego car from the internet. This kind of experience proves that the augmented reality metaverse will become a trend in digital marketing soon.

The year 2023 will therefore be a year where new digital marketing trends will emerge. For brands this can be a new playground and will allow them to reach their target more easily.