Top 5 best augmented reality filters for Gay Pride

Gay Pride began in 1969 in New York and is now held every June in many cities around the world. It is widely known for promoting tolerance, respect and inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community through political speeches advocating the fight against discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people. You can share this day of tolerance on social networks with the following links augmented reality filters.

1. The Snapchat filter: Gay Metter

This Snapchat augmented reality filter integrates the flag with the significant colours of the LGBTQ+ community above your face. Once the video has started, a percentage appears inside the flag.

2. The Instagram filter: Gay AF

Directed by Lu LevyThis augmented reality Instagram filter features 3D words and puns each containing the word Gay.


3. The Snapchat filter: I Am Gay

Available on Snapchat, this augmented reality roulette filter offers a fun and original way of using the filter. When the user opens their mouth, the roulette starts and the word "Yes" or "No" appears at the top of your head.

4. The Instagram filter: Gaydar

With the integration of a 3D graduated wheel, this augmented reality Instagram filter indicates the rate and gender that corresponds to the user once the video has been launched.

5. The Snapchat filter: Rainbow Face

Rainbow colours and rhinestones are integrated into this augmented reality animation filter available on Snapchat. Users can have fun testing the beard or mask on their face.