Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has become the Internet users' favourite social networkwith over 2 billion monthly users worldwide by 2023. In view of the massive use of this platform, which ranks second most downloaded application Advertisers around the world are exploiting its full potential by publishing attractive and engaging content, particularly through the use of augmented reality Instagram filters. Here we offer you a variety ofideas and advice to come up with an idea for a filter that is relevant and engaging for your brand. 

Find an Instagram filter idea: the different formats available

Face Animation filters

On Instagram, filters Face Animation are the most common and most requested by brands. Not only can they be used to add animated content in augmented reality, but they can also promote a brand by adding its logo or flagship product. So if you're looking to create quality content, increase your conversion rate or attract or retain customers, this type of filter is perfectly suited to your content marketing campaign on Instagram.

Roller filters

Thanks to their originality wheel filters are very trendy on Instagram. Timeless and unique, they allow all kinds of content to be scrolled randomly according to a brand's objective (see below), in the form of images or text. By making full use of this feature, brands can offer interactive content to users, who are more than happy to share their video with the roulette filter with their community.

3D Visualisation and Immersive Packaging filters

The 3D visualisation filters, just like the immersive packaging are very popular with brands with e-commerce sites. It allows them to show a product from all angles or to try it out virtually thanks to 3D visualisation. On Instagram, this type of content is very popular and can be used to integrate Calls To Action buttons to attract users to the website.

AR Games Filters

Augmented reality game filters are very popular on Instagram. They challenge users to get to know the brand better and have fun at the same time. As part of a Brand Content strategy, the AR games allow the user to be much more involved in the augmented reality effect by moving in front of the camera.


Find an Instagram filter idea: the different formats available

It goes without saying that publishing an Instagram filter requires compliance with a very specific set of guidelines in order to avoid the mass distribution of inappropriate content on the social network. First of all, filters must never contain violent, hateful or sexual content, or promote illegal products. The same applies to discriminatory, racist or sexist content or any other content that might offend a group, community or minority. From a technical point of view, all the elements incorporated into the filters (logos, images, celebrity names, etc.) must be free of rights or else be subject to prior authorisation from the owners in order to use them freely. It should be noted, however, that the rules relating to augmented reality filters set out here are only a summary. It's important that you read the full rules that Instagram makes available at Spark AR Studio.

Find an idea for Instagram filters based on your objectives

Brand content strategy for an engaging Instagram filter

This strategy is based on highlighting a brand and its values in order to federating customers and stand out from the competition. As mentioned above, Face Animation filters are ideal for this strategy, as they allow brand elements to be integrated on the user. This will allow the user toassimilate the filter universe to the brand who, for her part, will be able to increase its engagement rate with the Instagram filter.

An Instagram filter for a product launch

When a brand wants to promote a new productRoller filters are an ideal digital marketing strategy. Extremely popular on Instagram, they appeal to users because of their unique and interactiveThis is a valuable opportunity for brands. Scrolling through the products in front of the user not only allows the brand to be presented in a more attractive way, it also makes it easier for the user to find the product he or she is looking for.whole rangebut also highlighting new products.

Activating an Instagram filter

Partnership with Soprano

The use of augmented reality on Instagram offers relevant opportunities for specific activations. By developing a digital strategy for launch of an Instagram filteryou can obtain insights very important for your digital strategy. We therefore advise you to create filters containing competitions accessible by scanning a simple QR Code on product packaging. Partnerships with influencers can also be beneficial in ensuring that your brand gains in visibility or do the promoting an event.

Promoting an event using an Instagram filter

Instagram is a widely used social network, so promoting an event using an augmented reality filter is a perfectly appropriate strategy. To do this, it's a good idea to come up with a filter idea to tie in with the event as TF1 has done for its new TV series.