New trend: NFT and augmented reality

What is an NFT?


The NFT, Nun-Fungible Token, represents a unique digital file that is not interchangeable, and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. These files are then stored on a blockchain (storage space protected against any modification).

When you buy an NFT you buy the exclusive ownership of the original work included in the NFT. After this purchase you can publish this work online.


The different forms of NFT

An NFT perhaps: 

  • a work of art 
  • an Instagram filter
  • a domain name 
  • a photograph 
  • a same 
  • a collector's item 
  • a video 
  • music/sound 
  • a video game object (Avatar, skins, accessories,...) 
  • a domain name 

And many more.

What impact do NFTs have on augmented reality?

NFTs offer a wide range of possibilities, the most interesting of which is the ability to model your digital file in augmented reality. Some brands offer the possibility to buy fashion accessories that can be modelled directly in augmented reality. 

For example the brand RTFKT studiosA brand of streetwear and collectible virtual objects offers for sale various sneakers as well as fully virtualised fashion accessories. These clothes can be accessories for the avatars they have created or accessories visible in augmented reality.

Immersive games and NFTs

The sale of NFTs can also be carried out in a fun and innovative way, for example, several creators have created immersive treasure hunts in augmented reality, in order to collect NFTs. Players are given cards to guide them to a specific location. During the hunt, players will be able to scan certain posters or QR codes and thus unlock access to the purchase of NFTs.

NFTs and Instagram filters

The sale of Instagram filters in NFT is also possible. Indeed, when a person buys an Instagram filter, he is the sole owner of the filter and receives a link or the file to install it on his account. Thus, he can use the effect on Instagram and share it in a story without anyone else being able to use it. These NFTs are sold in one-off or limited series on the internet.

Instagram filters can also be a way to communicate on your NFTs in order to get known. Indeed, with the massive wave of NFT creation, it is very hard to differentiate yourself and to be known by everyone. Marketing is therefore important and Instagram filters can help you communicate easily and intelligently about your NFTs. This is the case of Shiba Social Club who asked us to make two Instagram filters to communicate about their new 3D Shiba. 

NFTs and the metaverse

As previously explained, it is possible to sell 3D content in NFT. Thus, when the metavers develop, it will be possible to buy accessories and clothes to dress and customise one's virtual avatar. It is therefore important for brands to offer 3D content in order to be present on the metaverse and to develop their business on it.