The beta version of theartificial intelligence DALL-E 2 is available

Open AI has developed a brand new artificial intelligence capable of "create realistic images and art from natural language description". This highly efficient AI is now available in beta version for 1 million people on a waiting list. 


Artificial intelligence, a growing technology

Artificial intelligence, AI, refers to all processes that allow machines to reason in the same way as a human intelligence. Using artificial intelligence, companies are developing very high quality technologies and processes able to perform complex tasks. This is what is proposed by Open AI with its AI capable of making realistic changes to existing images simply by using a text caption. Shadows, reflections or even textures, various elements can be added or removed. Following DALL-E, the American group released in April 2022 the second version of their AI, DALL-E 2, a new version with which it is possible tohave high quality photos.

The release of a beta version

Previously available only to about 100,000 people, Open AI really wanted to expand and develop its concept by giving access to its AI for more people. To implement this use, the group has set up a credit system. People on the queue receive 50 free credits for 1 month of use and each month receive 15 new credits for free. For the practical side, 1 credit allows to generate 4 simple images and 3 images if there are modifications or creations necessary. Depending on the needs and use of each person, it is always possible to buy additional credits in order to exploit the generated images as they wish. For example, an additional pack of 115 credits can be purchased for 15 dollars. After generating their images, users have full rights and can use them as they wish, including for commercial projects, "as of today the images they create with DALL-E, including the right to reprint, sell and market". In addition to the great freedom offered by AI, there is also content generation to ensure that self-harming content, hateful symbols or illegal activities are not allowed to circulate. The main purpose of opening DALL-E 2 to a wider audience is to see how this technology is used in the real world on a day-to-day basis and to make any necessary changes. 


New technologies such as artificial intelligence are therefore continuing to develop in order to provide new possibilities for creation and development. Indeed, by moving from augmented realityby the NFTon metaverse to artificial intelligence, Internet users have many technologies to explore and adapt to their project.


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