A interactive map on Instagram is available through its location

Mark Zuckerberg has announced the deployment of a new feature on the Instagram application on 20 July 2022. This interactive map allows a user to discover places frequented by other users around them through their geolocation. This includes bars, cafes, restaurants and other entertainment venues.

How does the interactive map of the Instagram platform ?

As explained above, the map shows popular places near the user with the ability to see places that are often tagged and referenced by other users. This feature replaces another feature that allows users to explore photos and videos based on a location. With the interactive map, the person will be able to see many places displayed on the map and click on them to learn more. The stories, photos and videos posted that identify this place appear as well as practical information on this place (schedules, distance, price range etc...). In short, it's a mix between Google Maps and Snapchat's map.

To simplify the use of the map, several filters have been put in place to help users in their search. Thus, they will be able to filter according to what they want to search for (bars, hotels, restaurants, parks...) and even mark hashtags in the search bar to refine their request. In addition, users can also mark places as favourites or save them as we can do for ordinary publications.

To find the interactive map, you need to go to the "Explore" feature and type in the name of the city.


A feature to encourage businesses to stay/come on Instagram

Although the interactive map is an advantage for users, it is also an advantage for businesses, especially small shops.

Indeed, this card will increase the visibility of entertainment venues without the need for merchants to do much. This is possible thanks to UGC which means that customers become ambassadors and create content for the brand for free. For example, in this case, it is the users who mention the place in their publications that make it visible on the interactive map. Thus, businesses have a vested interest in encouraging customers to identify them in their post to appear on the interactive map.

The interactive map is one of the new features to distinguish itself from other social networks

As you know, there is a lot of competition between social networks. TikTok is one of those that have a good growth of subscribers and where users stay the longest. 

That's why Instagram has been pushing videos in its news feed in an attempt to copy the way TikTok works. All of its new features that are coming to Instagram aim to offer a wide variety of content in order to keep the user on the app as long and often as possible.

For example, in the future, Instagram plans to allow users to pay directly for products simply by DMing the relevant brand.